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How to Improve the House to Make It Child-Friendly


Children are the bundles of joy; their energy is unmatchable. Their requirements differ from the elder ones in the family. The fact that they are inquisitive, quite dependent and not fully aware of the dangers around requires the home owners to make a number of changes in the living space. Right from the days spent in kids bassinet to the taking the first steps and beyond, the children need special arrangements at each step. So, here are some of the ways to consider for improving house as per kids’ requirements.

1.Secure the boundaries 

The kids have the areas defined as safe zones. Staircases, balconies, patios and beyond mudroom are some of the areas considered unsafe for kids. Here, they need supervision of adults. Else, it can cause unwanted injuries. Still, to make the child comfortable in such areas, use of railing from inline design is recommended. The railings can be of glass or steel cables. And, these can be bought in combination of different post styles, top rails, vertical supports etc. Depending upon how active the child is, the boundaries are secured with railings and gates.

2. Make house allergy-proof 

Your kid is unique and so is its sensitivity towards different things. A health check-up can tell what your kid is allergic to. So, keeping the things completely clean and dust-free is one of the basic changes you need to make when kids are in the house. Secondly, the ventilation quality is to be improved. The house should not be too humid as humidity is breeding ground for several allergens. Thus, keeping child’s room well-lit and airy is another change to make.

3. Develop play areas in the houseThe onus of making child organized lies on parents’ shoulders. Children can tend to become notorious if they do not have proper place to play. Their added inquisitiveness can take them near to electricity sockets, to stairs, and wall paintings. It can be avoided if you have developed a tent house or ball room or activity area in the house. Have small make-shift swimming pool where kids can enjoy with other members of family. This is how house needs to be changed to keep a child happy and engaged.

4. Cover the floors with carpets and mats 

Giving children lot of space in house is necessary for their activities. They crawl, they jump and they also try to attract everybody’s attention by doing things in a charming way. Thus, keeping their space blocked with large sized beds is not a good idea. Instead, try to have make-shift beds which are used only during the night. And for the rest of the day, make space more activity friendly by covering the floor with mattress, carpets or mats as applicable.

In addition to above, have more of games where actual playing is involved. Kids need to be kept engaged and they can enjoy their day better if they get something to do. Thus, encourage lots of activities but while keeping the safety factor in mind.