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How to improve your CV for better career opportunities


Every individual wants an amazing job and career opportunities as soon as they graduate or learn a new skill. However, when they continuously get rejected for an opportunity, they would have been a perfect match for, they either do not get a callback or get rejected after the first interview. For the longest time, these jobless and extremely talented people doubt their skills and education level and get depressed and then question why they have not gotten a job yet when others who were far behind them in the class or at skill level had gotten amazing jobs. The actual answer to their doubts is their unprofessional and unattractive CV.

What’s wrong with your CV?
Some of the reasons why you are not getting the right calls for the interviews might include:

  1. Your CV is too long and general – this is one of the main reasons why anyone would ignore your CV. You might have come across someone who has no special skills or expertise to give to the company. Also, nobody reads the entire CV, it is considered a waste of time to have 2 pages above CV.
  2. Do not just add job experience – You are much more than the jobs you have done. You need to add all the skills you learned, like time and team management, etc. It is also important to let the company know that you volunteer or have other unique skills other than the jobs.
  3. Make your CV clear and easy to read – if you have added a large number of paragraphs one after the other to explain yourself and your work then you will most likely be rejected. Use bullet points and list down each and every experience. Make sure the entire experience and skills are wrapped up in a line or two because nobody wants to read an essay about your work and your life.
  4. The CV is too cliché – another reason why you aren’t getting a callback is that your CV is like everyone else’s and there is nothing new and unique. Everyone writes how hardworking they are, but you should use how hard you have worked to show your dedication.

If you want to see the perfect CVs for yourself then some of the examples of professionally built CVs can be found online.

Creating the perfect CV

Creating a CV has never been easier than it is now. You are literally one click away from getting the perfect job you have always wanted. You do need skills, uniqueness, and other things everyone says you need to find the right job, however, having the perfect CV should be your priority. There are various websites that are available to help you make a CV, one of the best websites that can help in optimizing your cv for a new challenge in 2020 is cvmaker.uk. This site includes a large number of templates, that too of various universities like Harvard, Princeton, Berkley, etc. You can choose these different templates that suit you and add all the information according to the headings, that you think are important and will help you stand out as your unique selling point.

You can also build your resume using a resume builder with numerous templates that are modern, creative, and professional.

It takes a total of fifteen minutes for you to add your personal information and download the CV. It is also recommended by professions to have more than one CV for different jobs and companies, so you can always alter your CV according to your likes and preference as well as the company’s demand whenever you want.