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How to Improve Your Memory at School


Memory is a vital human skill. For lack of memory, we could not perceive and reproduce information, would not comprehend ourselves as individuals, and won’t be able to think at all.

At the same time, imagine a person who is not able to forget. He would have had hard time because every day we are knocked down by a frantic stream of information. How can students learn to remember large volumes of the important material efficiently and quickly? How to learn easily and work productively with a good memory? Let’s try to investigate and find the answers to these important questions.

Role of Memory for Students

Human memory is a very important cognitive skill. Its presence allows students to gain new experience, collect a variety of knowledge, and use it in practice. Without a good memory, it is simply impossible to master skills without losing them over time. So, children and adults should understand how to train their skills to remember.

Poor memory significantly worsens the educational progress. That’s why so often students search on Google “help me write my paper” as they are not able to remember lots of material and use it in practice later.

It is worth mentioning that memory develops actively in childhood, much worse in an adult ages. This brain ability requires constant practice and training, otherwise, there will be a significant deterioration in the ability to remember. Scientists recommend to conduct regular trainings to maintain the skill at a high level. School teachers, as well as parents, can help here using simple memory exercises. 

TOP Memory Exercises

The modern world offers a huge number of exciting exercises that contribute to the development of the intellectual activity, including memory. The most effective ones are the following:

Memory Training Cards

The child should remember the objects, which are depicted in 3-4 cards, and name them later. After that, he should find these objects among 10 similar pictures, which are collected in random order. The same can be done with letters and numbers for little kids. With a certain period of time, a number of cards to remember can be increased. 

Snowball Game

If you don’t understand how to improve short term memory, play a snowball game. Children play it in groups. The flow is pretty simple. The first child names any word, the second one repeats it and adds another word, the third repeats the words of the first two children and tells his own and so on.

Going on a Trip

This game is considered to be a classic one and remains popular for several ages. It will be effective in groups when kids are divided into 2 teams or more. The flow is also simple enough: the first person says what he is taking with him on a trip and the next one repeats the initial sentence, and adds his own thing. In this way, students learn to remember a full sentence and add new elements to it. The task can be complicated if a teacher asks to add words in alphabetical order. 

Now you are aware of the basic tips on how to improve memory. In addition to all those exercises, the best gymnastics for the brain is reading, which stimulates the development of all types of memory. This helps to develop intellectual abilities. So, memory exercises at school and reading at home help to develop a perfect memory.

Also, modern technology offers many game options for smartphones and tablets for training recollection skills. You can choose the option not only aimed at developing memory, but also the most interesting ones. Games are designed for different ages and contribute to a good pastime.