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How to improve your paper writing skills


Is my paper writing skills good enough? This question is critical for students, irrespective of their academic level or field. How well you write will not only impact your grade. It will have a significant impact on your career when you graduate from school.

There is also a no better time to improve your writing skills than now that you are still in college. The effort you will make, coupled with the numerous essays your professors will request you to write can help. So, if you are ready to make an effort, then follow the tips below.

  1. Make reading a habit

One of the proven ways you improve your paper writing skills is to read and read a lot. Read journals, essays, newspapers, articles or any other material that fascinates you. But then, bear in mind that you are not just reading for the fun of it, but to improve yourself.

So, when you pick up any material to read, read in between the lines. Note the writing style, formatting, or structure, and use it to improve any area that needs attention.

  1. Start writing regularly

One of the steps to improve any skill is to practice often. Even if the ability is not fully developed, constant practice can make it better, if not perfect. So if you want to improve your paper writing skills, you should continue practicing how to write stunning essays.

However, you can come up with new topics after reading a couple of samples. After writing, you should also scan your paper repeatedly to see if there are areas that require attention. Once you identify that area, make an effort to improve it. But if you can’t, you can request help from those above you academically but track the corrections made.

  1. Don’t take feedbacks for granted

Whether positive or negative, feedback can have a massive impact on your writing or whatever skills you want to improve. However, the input should also not come from people close to you because they might be a bit biased.

Also, you can embark on a project to write a book, essay or series of articles. But before you go ahead, you can inform those who will be reviewing your work. You can also notify your professor or students who are above you academically, and try to put their feedback to good use.

  1. Learn to use active voice

You need to discourage the use of the passive voice when you write. Use active voice instead. The use of passive voice can make your paper difficult for readers to understand and less engaging than active voice.

Here is a clear example

  • Active voice – John cooked rice for dinner.
  • Passive voice – The rice cooked for dinner was done by John.

You can see the difference above. The active voice goes straight to the point. It tells readers what the subject is, what he, she or it is doing. Understand that only a handful of readers might spend time reading your paper in details. So, making it difficult to read will only reduce that figure a bit further.

  1. Proofread your paper

Another way you can improve your paper writing skills is by spending quality time to editing the document after writing. In other words, read in between the lines and fix any error you come across.

However, you can use software to edit your paper and take note of minor and critical errors to avoid future mistakes. The proofreading tools tend to be more precise regarding paper editing and can also provide suggestions that can help you improve your paper writing skills in no time.


Improving one’s writing skills, according to Ace My Paper experts, requires a certain level of discipline and commitment. You need to be ready to devote time to work on your skills. However, this post contains tips that can help you become a better writer in no time. So, if you are ready to improve, you can start considering each point one after the other.