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How to Improve Your Sleep Naturally


All of us desire that at the end of the day we must go to bed with good thoughts and have a peaceful sleep. For an adult, it’s important to get 7-8 hours of complete rest and statistics to show that most are deprived. A lot of people deal with sleep disorders due to stress, tension, health issues, the wrong type of bed etc. It’s not good to take any sort of pills or drugs unless the doctor recommends them under challenging circumstances. Again, new moms can’t sleep well throughout the day and not even at night but you can always do something to get better sleep. Sleep depends on hormones and these days hormonal imbalance is so common. Newborns, menopause, pregnancy, puberty and old age can cause sleep issues.

Knowing the sleep cycles

There are various stages of sleep and that is known as the cycle. Take a look:

  • N1 – It’s the stage when you are half asleep, you feel sleepy but you are also aware of the surroundings.
  • N2 – In this stage, you are more than half-asleep, it’s not deep slumber.
  • N3 – This is the stage of deep sleep, there is a lot of melatonin production, and thus this is the best stage for your body.
  • REM – This is the Rapid Eye Movement sleep where you mostly dream. The muscles of your body are all relaxed and your mind is calm and your body regenerates fast.

What happens when you are sleep deprived?

Sleep gives good health so there is no substitute so its time to know how lack of sleep affects your health:

  • Your physical health – Not sleeping well for a long time leads to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney diseases and chances of stroke.
  • Hormonal health – Sleep maintains proper hormone secretion in the human body and when you don’t get adequate sleep there is an imbalance.
  • Obesity – Lack of sleep makes you fat, thus giving rise to obesity.
  • Fertility and growth – Lack of sleep delays growth in kids and teens and affect fertility in adults.
  • Insulin – The handling of insulin by your body depends on sleep. It’s the hormone that controls the sugar level in your body. If your body suffers from high blood sugar due to lack of sleep, your body might face issues.
  • Memory – Sleep deficiency leads to bad memory so soon after learning a task, one must sleep for better results.

Natural ways to improve sleep

There are foods that contribute to good sleep so know them:

  • Foods rich in Antioxidants – Antioxidants gives good sleep and also remove toxins from the body. Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, herbal tea; you can also take green tea and other foods rich in anti-oxidants. (1)
  • Healthy fats – Consume coconut oil, organic meat, avocado, eggs, butter that build your body and promote good sleep.
  • Take proteins mainly during dinner time – Do not eat three hours before bedtime, this can give good sleep. Consume adequate proteins so that you can enjoy a good sleep cycle.

Some of the foods to avoid are sugars and carbohydrates, grains and vegetable oils in any form.

How to create an environment for sleep

Having a proper sleep environment is extremely important so here are some useful tips:

  • No artificial lights and gadgets – There should be any artificial lights switched on inside the bedroom. In fact, night lights can sometimes cause a disturbance, one must sleep in dark. Please keep gadgets out of the room.
  • Keep the bedroom temperature optimum – According to the changing season, try maintaining an optimum temperature so that you have all the comfort.
  • Your bed and bedding – Sleep in a comfortable bed make sure you have the right bed size. Buy good pillow bedding so that comfort and the right sleeping posture is maintained.

Daily Tips for better sleep

  • Wake up and go to bed daily at the same time
  • Eat protein-rich food for the dinner
  • After 3 pm, do not consume any more caffeine
  • You can take a salt bath
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Apply essential oil on your hair or body parts if that helps
  • Vitamin D is very useful so get sunlight for half an hour daily or take supplements
  • Go to bed relaxed

Now that you know how to improve your sleep, make up your mind to work on it and you shall succeed. Good Night!!