People from all walks of life must have the art of letting go the negative feelings and bring back happiness in life. The intensity of this notion has been on a hike in the current era. The J-curve in the number of depressed people in the world is the reason behind it. It might be surprising for you that more than 300 million minds of the world are suffering from this disease-depression. It is the data as per the reports of the World Health Organization.

Not only this, 50% of people who are diagnosed with depression also get anxiety disorder. WHO, as per the survey and reports are subjected to give the figure of the adult population who will fall in this well of depressed life which is 15%.

It’s time to have quick actions to change the entire scenario of the world. One of the reasons for depression in adults is holding onto the past. Keeping thinking of the past events or even holding into positive events prove to be damaging because they set boundaries for the future.

This article, you would come to know the most effective way of dealing with negative emotions and stress. It is letting go of things.

  1. Pause, Check and Change

The best thing you can do to shift your thinking patterns is first knowing the thoughts that are captivating your mind. Every time you feel that something not well is happening or you are not getting good vibes, feeling anxious or down in the mouth, then it is time you need to stop and pause. Identifying the quality of the thoughts and changing them is what you need to do.

  1. You are not here in the world to hold grudges

You get a life once, why to waste it holding grudges.

Why keep thinking of the people whom you don’t like? Will it serve you in any way? The answer is no.

You have to forgive the person for your peace of mind. Forgiveness will prove a freeing act for your mind. Think of your aims and life goals which require all your efforts and energy. Why waste it ruminating in holding onto anger.

Yes, you need to think and wisely choose your actions!

  1. Think it’s only you

One person who is responsible for your happiness is you. You hold no rights in blaming someone else for your discomfort or off mood. You have the steering of your life’s car yesterday, today and tomorrow.

It is you who need to take responsibility of every thought you create and every emotion you feel. So, why not to interpret events and other life situations in a positive way always. You are strong enough to fade the memories of the past events, have a sense of peace and gratitude.

  1. Give yourself unconditional love

It is one of the toughest and the most uncommon task people do. Yes, you read it right. Many people love others in their life, but the number of people who actually love themselves is low. One can love others only when he/she loves himself/herself. In order to give something to others, we need to have a stock of it. So, it is the need of the hour to start taking your own feelings and emotions seriously, acknowledging them and working towards their betterment. Remember one thing; self-love is not being selfish.

  1. Regularly watch motivational videos

We eat and drink daily, the same way we need to get some inspirational words or watch something to boost your confidence. You need to lift your life rather than just spending it on the price of spinach when you are given a diamond. The words and experience of the people will let you reshape your thoughts, and start a new life.

  1. Believe there is nothing to fear

Don’t you want to feel free? Yes? It is completely fine to wait for the perfect time to come.

Time is the best present one can be given; God has even it to you. In this context, the biggest mistake one can commit is take time for granted. Many professors, and the ones offering English homework help to the students believe in respecting time as we respect our money. You have time to do something really good for yourself and your loved ones. Why waste it thinking why he left you after 5 long years of relationship? Why waste your thinking of the future and the job you have been laid off? Is it important to think of the semester where you scored less marks in your assignment writing task?

Summary of the article- Make a plan and act, don’t wait.