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How to Keep Romance If You Both Work Remotely?


To be with your partner around the clock seems like a dream. But early or late, it may deliver to some conflicts and misunderstandings when you both work remotely. The Covid-19 pandemic caused such a working necessity. Since then, something went wrong in relationships within couples when they both had to work from home. The research showed tt 34% of relationships early in the pandemic reported increased conflicts and a decrease in intimacy. In addition, it brought negative feelings like depression and loneliness. Other people who were alone felt the same feeling. In this case, they can look for spiritual singles to find a soulmate and a good interlocutor.

So how to keep romance and intimacy when working together remotely? Here are valuable tips to help you and your partner maintain a healthy and romantic relationship and complete your working duties productively, even working both remotely.

#1 Set up life-work balance

Life-work balance is not always stuck to when working from an office. What to say when working from home! This tip notes the importance of separating your private life and working stuff. It is recommended to discuss the healthy boundaries for you both to keep. It will lead to a harmonized relationship. These boundaries include:

  • Working hours. It is essential to set up strict working hours. So, when you are done, you can shift to your partner. It is advisable not to let your partner distract you during the working hours as well as you. So, you will be able to cope with your work correctly.
  • Limit extra work at your personal time.  It often happens that you need to answer calls, check your emails, and do other stuff when you are done with work. When it is an urgent thing, you and your partner can endure it for a while. But if it happens regularly, it turns to be a problem. So try to put limits on your extra work when having your personal time.

#2 Keep a wise role play

Your roles at home can be quite different from those at work. Sharing the same place with your partner for work and private life can be challenging. If you are a boss at work, it doesn’t mean you can allow yourself to talk to your partner with pressure and controlling fights and vice versa. Here, you shouldn’t forget to pay more attention to your partner’s strength. So, let them fulfill their abilities in things they are good at. Put your relationship higher than working stuff.

#3 Be careful with words

Being from morning till night together and handling both the work, you can get sick and tired of it and sometimes get on each other’s nerves. Just use careful words to let your partner you need a pause. Don’t be rude but helpful and encouraging to your partner.

#4 Engage in home duties

Working from home doesn’t mean spending all your time only on work. Instead, balance your private life and appreciate the needs of your partner. As soon as you finish your working hours, try to engage in every home process you do with your partner: conversations, cooking the meal together, going out shopping, discussing the plans, etc.