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How to Keep Your Massage Therapy Clients Loyal and Happy


The massage therapy industry is worth over $18 billion in the United States alone. This industry is filled with competition, but there is still room to make money. Creating a successful massage therapy business will require you to focus heavily on developing customer retention strategies.

Failing to put effort into keeping your customers loyal will result in a lot of money being lost. Are you trying to keep your massage therapy clients happy and loyal? If so, check out the useful tips below.

Keep Your Massage Therapy Clients Loyal and Happy

Taking Detailed Notes is Crucial

Modern consumers have a plethora of massage therapy businesses to choose from. Most people go out in search of a massage therapist that is both knowledgeable and personable. In order for a client to keep paying for your services, they will need to be provided with personalized information about their improvement.

Programs like MassageBook’s SOAP notes provide massage therapists with the ability to track a client’s progress digitally. This program is both easy to use and seamlessly connected to each of your clients. With these notes, you can get a full view of how much a particular client has progressed since they began using your massage therapy business. Sharing this information with your clients is a great way to show them you are invested in their recovery and well-being.

Make Customer Service a Top Priority

Connecting with and building a rapport with your clients is also a key component of a successful customer retention strategy. If you are unsure about how to increase the level of customer service you offer, consider doing things like:

  • Be as personable as possible. When clients call in, thank them for contacting you and use their name if you know it.
  • Make small talk when a client first arrives for their session. You may also want to offer them a bottle of water.
  • Always answer your business phone promptly. If you have employees, explain to them the importance of providing a great experience when clients call in.

Making these small changes will add up over time. If a client sees you are going the extra mile to make them feel comfortable and relaxed, they are more likely to keep using your services.

Customize The Massages You Provide Each Client

Some massage therapists make the mistake of using the same technique and approach with each massage they provide their clients. If a client feels like you are simply going through the motions, they may start to look around for another massage therapist to use. This is why you need to incorporate more customization into your interactions with clients.

When a new client arrives for a massage, find out more about what they like. Asking a new client how much pressure they want to be applied during the massage or whether or not they want small talk during the session is helpful. The information from this exchange with a new client can help you develop a customized massage. Offering this type of customization will allow you to impress new clients and keep them coming back for years to come. 

Ignoring the need for this type of massage customization can result in you losing a lot of clients. Rather than dealing with the stress, this can cause, you need to take a more personalized approach.

Developing a Lucrative Massage Therapy Business Takes Time

With the tips in this article, you can make your clients more loyal. Constantly reviewing and optimizing your customer retention strategy is crucial if you want to continue to grow.