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How to Kick the Energy Roller Coaster for Good


For some people, day to day life leaves them lethargic and they struggle to get through the day. For others, energy levels plummet in the afternoon or evening, known as ‘the crash’ after their early morning energy rush. Neither of these routines is healthy. You want to stabilize your energy levels at a healthy, sustainable level so you can get the most out of life. Let’s look at how to kick the energy roller coaster for good.

Get on a Regular Meal Schedule

One of the best ways to end the energy roller coaster is to get on a regular meal schedule. After all, going hours without eating is certain to leave you lethargic. The solution to this is to eat healthy, balanced meals three times a day around the same time each day. If you have issues with your blood sugar, then you need to have five or six meals and snacks equally spaced throughout the day.

Eat Healthier

A good way to get off the energy roller coaster is to prevent the highs that inevitably lead to the lows. You can achieve this by eating well balanced meals. For example, ensure that every meal contains protein and a modest amount of healthy fats. The energy in these foods is released more slowly than that in sugar and carbs. For example, you’ll get more out of an apple with nuts or peanut butter than an apple alone.

Another trick is adding fiber to your diet. The more fiber in the meal, the more slowly the food is broken down by your body. You can get this by eating whole grains instead of refined grains, or you can eat more beans and vegetables.

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

When your blood sugar levels are too low, your body recognizes that it needs energy then and there. You feel hungry, and you crave instant energy. The default solution is a sugary or fatty food like chocolate chip cookies, not healthy foods like carrots. You’ll feel good temporarily as the sugar rushes into your bloodstream, but it is quickly absorbed by the body. Then you’re tired again, at least until you start craving the next high calorie snack.

One solution is to eat foods that don’t cause the spike in your blood sugar. It means avoiding refined foods like pastries, white breads, potato chips and candy. It requires eating carrots, lean cuts of meat and other healthy snacks. You may not feel the quick rush of false energy, but it will give you energy over the long term. And more importantly, it will prevent the next crash that leaves you craving unhealthy foods.

The effect of blood sugar on your energy levels cannot be overstated. However, changes in your diet may not be enough. You can take supplements for blood sugar stabilization; this will give you continual energy throughout the day. They will eliminate the “hangry’ feeling you get when your blood sugar drops – that unique combination of hunger, anger and sugar cravings. You can find plenty of information here on supplements that balance your blood sugar levels, giving you more energy and a better mood.

Increase Your Intake of B Vitamins

B vitamins like riboflavin and niacin are needed to turn sugar into the fuel our cells need. Other B vitamins are required to transport glucose and for the formation of vital enzymes. Increasing your intake of these vitamins should increase your energy level. You can do this by eating more green vegetables, eggs and brown rice. A side benefit of consuming green leafy vegetables is that they provide magnesium, too, another nutrient whose deficiency often causes chronic fatigue. A final option is taking supplements to get enough of these vital nutrients.

Your energy roller coaster could be due to poor eating habits, nutritional deficits, wildly fluctuating blood sugar or another cause. However, you need to address the root cause instead of hoping that determination will get you through. Then you’ll notice a tremendous difference in energy levels and quality of life.