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How to Know If Your Spouse is Cheating?


Nothing can tear apart a relationship quite like infidelity. Being loyal and faithful is the basis of a relationship. However, there are certain times when individuals commit adultery which can severely traumatize their partners and often lead to the couple parting ways.

If you are reading this, chances are you are suspecting your spouse to have cheated on you. If your gut says so, it might be true. However, you must always look for evidence before you accuse your partner of cheating.

Suspicious Signs to Look Out For

There are various signs of cheating. Some are easier to notice while there are some uncommon signs of cheating. Some of the noticeable signs are:

  • Appearance – Pay attention to your spouse’s appearance. If they suddenly start dressing better than they usually do, it might be a sign that they are having an affair. If they are a sweatpants and t-shirt guy, and they start wearing shirts and suits, especially when they still dress the same way around you, chances are he is trying to impress someone else.
  • Sexual Changes – If your partner is having an affair, they might behave differently in bed. For instance, since they are fulfilling their appetite somewhere else, they might not have much sexual drive left in them for you. On the other hand, things might get rather steamy, and you might experience increased sexual performance of your partner. This might be because your partner is trying to hide their infidelity by increasing intimacy with you.
  • Extra Working Hours – If your partner is suddenly working extra hours frequently, chances are they are visiting someone else before coming home. Traffic jams, flat tires, spending time at the gym, late sittings, can all be signs of a cheating partner. Keep track of when they come and go and confront them when you are absolutely sure. Our consultant Angelica says that this sign was a dealbreaker for her.
  • Behavioral Changes – If your spouse is cheating on you, their behavior towards you will change with time. You might end up in frequent fights, they will point out your mistakes and shortcomings, they might also avoid your calls, and the quality of your relationship will decline.
  •  Disbalanced Finances – Cheaters spend a lot of money to impress other people. If your spouse is cheating on you, your finances might get a bit out of order. Sudden increase in expenses might indicate secret spending which they are trying to conceal. Check your partner’s credit card bills and ask them for their purchases. If they try to avoid the question, they might not be faithful to you anymore.

How to Catch Your Spouse in the Act?

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, you might want to gather some evidence before you confront them. Some ways in which you can catch your partner red-handed are:

  • Mobile Phones – If you are positive about your partner’s infidelity, you can break the walls of privacy and check their cell phone. Go through their texts, calls, and even their phone gallery to check for anything inappropriate to see if your spouse is cheating.
  • Spying – If you don’t want to go through their stuff directly, you might consider installing cameras and gadgets to spy on them. Try to hide these cameras skillfully so as not to be noticed by your spouse. If you see or hear moans while you are at work, your partner is committing adultery.
  • Applications – There are certain mobile apps to catch a cheater that you can install in your partner’s phone which collect the evidence on your behalf. They can track their location, their messages, or calls which will help you determine their level of faithfulness.

How to Deal with the Situation?

You’ve now figured out that your partner is cheating on you, what now? Well, the first thing would be to confront them and ask them questions.

They will most likely end up making excuses and saying that it will never happen again, but if it happened once, there is a chance it will happen again. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether to part ways and end the relationship or stay with them and give them another chance. However, you might want to spend some time alone and think about your decision.


Even if your marriage is going well, there might arise a possibility of your spouse ending up having an affair. In such a situation, it is best to look for evidence before you talk to your partner because if you are mistaken, you might end up tarnishing the relationship yourself.

Cheating can ruin a happy marriage. Even though you have your integrity intact, your spouse might not hold the same morals. Hence, you should gather evidence, confront your spouse, and break up with them if the need arises.