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How To Make A Guy Really Fall In Love With You


Physical attraction is all about what we think when we first see him/her but is that the only thing that makes us commit to someone? Well, I believe we can all agree that real love and meaningful relationships require much more than that.

When it comes to guys, society has created the image that they’re only interested in the physical appearance of women and all they care about is making love. But, is this really so or is it just a common misconception? Well, I believe it’s the latter.

Yet, just like us, women, men crave a meaningful and emotional connection as well.

Connection. That’s the key word here. A deep emotional connection is the path that leads to a man’s heart.

So, the question is: how do you build this connection?

First of all, no connection can be built if both partners aren’t emotionally invested in the relationship. That’s why you need to know how to stimulate your guy’s emotions. And I assure you it’s much easier than you think.

This is what happened to me:

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine asked my boyfriend how he knew I was the right one for him. His answer took us all by surprise. This is what he said:

”Three weeks after we started seeing each other, my friends and I went to this club one night as my best friend was celebrating his birthday.  We were having fun and there was this hot girl standing opposite us and she started heating on me. And while I knew that most guys would take advantage of the situation, to be honest, my friends expected me to do the same, I didn’t care about it at all because all I cared about was her,” i.e me.

Well, I guess I’m lucky. And when I look at it from this perspective, I’m 100 percent sure that I was right choosing him.

Nevertheless, what happened made me think about my past relationships and the reasons why they failed.

So, here’s what I’ve realized. As I’ve already said you can’t make a guy really like and care about you if there isn’t a deep and emotional connection between you.

Yet, this is not something which can be achieved overnight. This is not something you achieve by having conversations about ordinary things, like what you did that weekend, what your career goals or favorite movies are, and etc.

Don’t take this wrong. I’m not saying these things are unimportant. It’s nice when you know each other’s interests and goals because that’s how you can support, encourage, and make each other happy. But, the connection we’re talking about here is much more than just talking about your favorite hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

You build a strong connection when your conversations have a purpose.

You connect in an authentic and meaningful way when you talk about your values, ideals, good, and bad moments of your life. When you talk about your insecurities and fears. When you talk about your insecurities and fears. When you let him get to the core of your soul. When you open up and show that you’re vulnerable in front of him.

When you show that you’re interested in him as a person and you want to know everything about him. When you offer understanding and support to each other.

When he sees that you aren’t reluctant or ashamed to share information about you with him, he’ll feel free and more comfortable to do the same thing.

And if you think that you must have an absolute trust in or know your boyfriend for a long time so as to talk to him about things private to you, know that you’re wrong.

In this case, the only person you should trust is yourself. You need to know and admit to yourself that your experiences, be that pleasant and fulfilling or sad and painful, have shaped the person you’re today – a wise, strong, and brave.

And that’s how you build a strong and meaningful connection between the two of you. A connection that no one and nothing can break it.

A connection that makes the difference between the woman that a guy only wants to make love with and the woman he actually falls in love with.

Image: Mimsy photography