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How to Make Sex More Comfortable In Couples: Body Differences and Beyond


Some couples might not understand what they should do when planning sex. They might hold physical differences that make sex a bit of an extra challenge for them to complete. A very short woman and a very tall man might feel uncomfortable when having sex due to the size difference between the two, for instance.

But any couple with substantial body differences or other concerns that might keep them from being fully invested in sex shouldn’t worry. There are many things a couple can do to make sex more comfortable and enjoyable.

You can use these ideas if you’re in a relationship with someone who is physically different. Whether you’re the more massive person or the other one in the relationship is, you’ll find many things to make sex more enjoyable.

Give Enough Time

Set a good enough time for sex at the start. Don’t assume you have to rush your way into sex. Sex is best when both people are comfortable and ready to run.

You can talk over whatever sexual activities you want to do with someone if you wish. Be open and willing to spend extra time discussing your plans.

Start Slow and Use Limits

Don’t rush your way into something more exciting when having sex. Start in your comfort zone and work your way from there. Relax your nerves and think positive thoughts about what you want to do when having sex. You and your partner will feel ready for whatever happens next when you plan things well.

Be Willing to Experiment

A bit of experimentation never hurts when having sex. You and your partner can try whatever positions and actions interest you the most, provided they are within whatever limits you wish to incorporate.

The smaller person could be on the bottom, for example. Sex can occur when standing up or sitting down. Sometimes a sex toy can go a long way to making the moment.

Create a Comfortable Environment

The environment for sex should be simple for everyone to enjoy. The bedroom should feel comfortable and relaxing without adding more pressure or stress than necessary.

The right sex furniture could make a difference. Furnpeak has sex chairs, couches, tables, and other furniture pieces that help people get in the right positions. A sex bench or swing could help position a smaller person in a spot where the larger one can perform well.

Comfortable throws, sheets, and other fabrics can also play a part in a brilliant environment for sex. A soft cotton or velvet surface can fit over a bed, sex couch, or anything else where a couple can perform.

Keep a Healthy Sense of Humor

The best thing for people with two unique body types to do when having sex is to have a sense of humor. It is possible something unusual will happen during sex. A taller person might bump one’s head on something, or it will be tough for a smaller someone to wrap around a more massive person’s body.

There’s no reason for people to be embarrassed by what happens here. People should feel free to laugh about their situations, like farting in front of their partner. You might not like something when it happens, but you might have a good laugh about it later. Enjoying the moment without stressing out so much can make a world of difference.

Avoid Shower Sex

The last point is primarily out of safety. Although shower sex might seem appealing, you don’t want to slip on any tiles or other watery surfaces. Keeping on dry land is best for your sexual experiences.