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How to Make Your Home a Healthier Environment for You to Live in


If you’re looking to delve into some self-improvement, you’ll want a healthy environment to do it in, and what better place to make that, than your home? Living in a healthy environment is good for the mind, body, and soul, so we should all strive to make our homes as healthy and happy as we possibly can. After all, we can’t afford to go and revitalise at the spa every week, but we live in our homes every day! So how can you make your home a healthier environment for you to live in? With these top tips, you’ll be feeling refreshed and tranquil in no time.

Change What You Use to Clean Your Home

Like in most situations, when it comes to cleaning your home, going for natural products is best. Did you know that the average household cleaning product that you buy in your high street store can contain up to as many as sixty toxic chemicals in them, including chemicals that are heavily linked to health conditions such as asthma, cancer and reproductive disorders? They can also cause a health of respiratory problems and are particularly bad for small children whose organs are still developing. Natural cleaning solutions such as essential oils, white vinegar, lemons, and baking soda are a far safer and healthier alternative but are every bit as effective. So why not switch up – it’s a small change to make for the benefit of your own well-being.

Bring House plants into Your Home

They not only look great, but house plants have several health benefits so are well worth introducing into your home décor. It’s well known that certain house plants actually have air-purifying tendencies and are therefore healthy to introduce into your living environment. Plants also use the carbon dioxide found in the air and release oxygen. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that certain plants actually reverse this process during the night. Orchids and succulents, however, do not do this so are good to keep in your bedroom day and night.

As previously mentioned, house plants are also great for your décor and they more often than not, bring a tired looking room to life by reconnecting it to nature and bringing the outdoors in. They’re often recommended to put into rooms in your home before a viewing if you’re looking to sell, because they give the illusion of a fresh and tranquil space. If after looking at options for a cash property sale you decide that this quick method of sale is right for you, you might not have time to decorate and this is therefore the perfect time to introduce house plants into the home. The possibilities are endless!

Purify the Air Further

Of course, house plants aren’t the only way to make sure you’re breathing the purest air possible in your home. There are other natural methods, the main one being allowing ventilation into your home by opening windows and doors and allowing natural air in. Although great in the Summer, this option isn’t always viable in the winter months. In this case, ventilation fans and air purifiers are a good option if you’re really serious about improving the air quality within your home. Furthermore, heavy fabrics that are often used for throws and curtains are renowned for containing a lot of dusts and mites, so opt for lighter materials when decorating your home. All of these little changes can ultimately make the air you breathe better for you and therefore improve your respiratory system.

Look at Your Lighting

Lighting can scientifically both strengthen and disrupt your natural rhythm, and not many people realise it. If the light is too bright, it’s no secret that it can heavily impact upon your sleep, and if they’re enhanced further by other qualities, say for example the streetlamps outside, they can even cause serious sleep deprivation if you’re prone to that. Sleep is vitally important for both our mental and physical wellbeing, and therefore we should actively do what we can to preserve the quality of the sleep that we get. If you find yourself and your sleep suffering because of your bright light situation, why not invest in getting a dimmer switch for your bedroom? Furthermore, a cheaper option if you’re wanting to block outdoor light, is blocking them with heavy drapes or curtains, or even investing in blinds or window treatments. If none of these work for you, an eye mask might be the answer. Whatever helps you to sleep at night.