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How to Manuscape Chest


There are still some naysayers once it comes to chest hair grooming: There are those who say chest hair is creating a comeback, for example. There are even those who would argue that an honest chest rug is healthy—that we evolved with chest hair as a result of it had been our 1st line of defence against blood-sucking parasites going to our skin.

But the fact is that it’s changing into more and more common, and why not? Manscaping merely part of your body have a tendency to area unit descended, after all, from a protracted line of manscapers, and since it each helps us smell better in warm weather and makes us look additional muscular (provided you’ve got muscles there within the 1st place), paying attention to the body part and indulging during a little chest hair grooming doesn’t seem like the worst idea. Here’s the way to do it properly:

The Best Tip to good Chest Hair Grooming is Blending:

It should go without saying that manscaping merely a part of your body goes to seem weird, especially if you’re a hairy guy. To avoid having a gleaming, bare chest side by side with a mass of fuzz on the belly, Mari recommends using a #2 clipper on the chest and abdomen, then braving the happy path with a #1 clipper. “Or, if you would like to seem additional clean [and you have soft, fairly sparse body hair], trim the chest and stomach hair using a #1 clipper,” she advises.

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Know Your Chest Hair Type:

As we’ve explained previously once examining the way to manscape every single part, it’s essential that you begin by considering what the hair on your chest is like. “The coarser and denser the hair is, the pricklier it’s going to feel after you trim it down with your clippers,” explains Melanie Mari, owner and trained manscaper at bare Skin Studio.

If you’ve got very coarse hair and you’re merely trimming, instead of going for a very shaved chest, you need to leave the hair on your chest just long enough to get down flat against the skin, otherwise it’s going to be unbearably prickly (and manscaping tips for dealing with that post-manscape prickle are a whole different story).

How to Rock the fully shaved Chest:

If you choose to go entirely smooth on the chest, dermatologist Anthony Rossi recommends approaching it a similar approach you’d cut your face: “Manscape during a hot, muggy shower to melt up the hairs. Trim or shave with the grain, never against—if you’re undecided that thanks to going, pull the razor within the same direction that your hair appears to be pointing. That may stop creating sharp angles.

Even tackling that chest wig with a razor or trimmer goes to be an ordeal for very hairy dudes. Therefore you will need to think about choices for additional pleasant expertise. If you’re much wearing a coat within the shower, Mari recommends avoiding manscaping altogether and waxing instead, the advantages being that it’s super smooth and can last longer than shaving.

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