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How to Overcome Travel Anxiety


Alt Title: How to Stop Being Anxious About Traveling

Travel anxiety is an emotional state that many people experience when they are about to board a flight or start a vacation. For some, it can be overwhelming and paralyzing, but there are ways to overcome it.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common causes of travel anxiety and how to address them so if you suffer from the condition, your next trip will go more smoothly.

Identify Your Triggers

If you know what causes you to become anxious, then it will be easier to plan around the triggers.

If your anxiety is related to flying or being constantly visible to others (such as when on a plane), then try and pick a seat that will not have anyone sitting next to you. You can also choose a window seat so people cannot easily look over at your screen during the flight.

Plan Ahead of Stressful Situations

One of the greatest causes of anxiety is lacking a plan in place to deal with unfamiliar situations. It can be overwhelming if you are completely unprepared or do not know what you should expect when boarding.

To reduce the pressure, select your seat ahead of time and arrange for an aisle spot (so you should have more room), if possible. Also, talk to someone who has flown before to get tips on how to handle the situation and take along a light bag

Breathe Deeply

Taking deep breaths during stressful moments will help you to calm yourself down by slowing your heart rate and relaxing your muscles.

Deep, slow breathing also helps to ground us because breathing activates our parasympathetic nervous system, which controls basic body functions like digestion, blood pressure, immune response, and so on, rather than the fight-or-flight impulse activated by stress.


One of the best ways to lower your anxiety and become calmer, in general, is through meditation.

It takes a lot of practice, but it can help you become better at being aware of where your mind goes throughout the day so you can learn from these experiences rather than getting completely reactive and stressed out.

If practicing mindfulness sounds appealing, then try downloading an app on your phone like Headspace for daily guided meditations to use before or during stressful experiences such as boarding a plane or getting ready for bed.

Get Your Responsibilities in Check Before You Leave

If you’re not prepared for what’s ahead of you, then your mind is apt to become preoccupied with those issues instead of the present.

Identify all the things that need to get done before you leave so there are as few loose ends to tie up when you’re traveling as possible. Try delegating some of those responsibilities if possible.

This way, you can hoist sail with the reassurance that everything has been taken care of! Identifying your triggers and planning accordingly makes it easier to overcome travel anxiety by being aware in advance of what might set off a reaction during stressful moments.  

Take Along Plenty of Distractions

When you have a history of experiencing travel anxiety, one of the wise moves in advance of your trip is to arrange for distractions.

Bring along some fun activities that will give you something to focus on aside from the fact that you might become anxious or uncomfortable due to what’s happening around you. Make sure the distractions are small enough for easy storage and swift access during your trip because travel can entail a lot of movement, especially when you’re flying. 

Some suitable options include playing games like sudoku or crossword puzzles (which also keep one’s mind occupied), reading books or magazines, listening to music, or watching videos.

Defeat Travel Anxiety Today

Overcoming travel anxiety doesn’t have to be too difficult if you focus and plan ahead. To learn more about this topic, continue reading this blog.