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How to Play Escape Rooms


Are you a rookie wondering what to expect from an escape room in Calgary and how to get out? Get all the tactics, tips, and tricks you need in our novice guide below.

Build Your Team

Escape room games go better for teams of 2-6 people. So make sure you and your group of escapees get along. Good communication is essential, as is the ability to collaborate and think on the same page, but a mix of skills and perspectives can also be helpful. Like who knows? Jo’s knowledge of math could be more valuable than Jon’s addiction to mysterious murders!

Pick the First Escape Room

Escape the room games, the locations will have a selection for you to choose from, from all-around horror scenarios to fantasy and escape room-themed adventure. Do you like the thrill that flows on your backbone at the scene of an unspeakable event, or in the presence of the supernatural? The despair of being taken hostage by a psycho? The excitement of looking for a pirate treasure or breaking out of prison? Or get away with the greatest theft of your life?

Get the Briefing and Get the Story Straight

Before entering the escape room, you’ll be given a team briefing on the ins and outs of participation in the game. And perhaps some useful advice — it’s worth taking care of! Then, as you wait to enter, your host will reveal the story behind the screenplay you are about to meet. Once again, listen to Gamesmaster — they can give you hints, or an idea of what to look for!

Make the Most of the Game

When you get inside, you have no choice but to immerse yourself in the world of the room for the next 60 minutes. Come and get it! There’s much to explore — be sure to circle the room, uncover all the clues, and wrap your brain around the puzzles. But don’t ever lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve.

Besides, don’t forget that every team that enters an escape room has 60 minutes to get out! All you do is work toward a finish, which is to complete the unique challenge of your room and escape!

Give us a call or complete our online booking form to book your room now! You and your crew will never look at each other like that again.