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How To Reduce Stress And Change The Energy Around You With This Unique Technique!


There are those stressful moments and situations when you can’t do anything but wait for the surroundings to change so you can help yourself by reducing that stress the way you do it best.

Well not anymore – this technique gives you the opportunity to face and fight off stress in ANY situation, be it work, meeting, exam (you name it).

This technique uses the power of the heart chakra to heal the mixed emotions and bring you to a state of balance and peace.

The best part is you will be able to affect the energy of the whole area around you and change the way things are happening to help the others as well. It is a very simple and subtle technique which won’t create confused looks and awkward feelings, as it doesn’t require any special movements or gestures.

Let’s Try It Out!

 It is very simple and no one will notice you doing it. Just follow these directions and help yourself instantly when you need inner peace the most.

  1. Place your hand above the center of your chest, just make it look natural with no sudden movements. This is where your heart chakra is (if you want to know more about the chakras go here[hyperlink]).
  2. Take a calm, deep breath and repeat these phrases in your head:
  3. “I’m OK, no matter what happens.”
  4. “Everybody’s OK, no matter what happens.”
  5. “We’re all OK, no matter what happens.”
  6. Repeat these phrases and feel the energy shift – offer that new energy to the space and the people you’re with.

This mantra is quite literally the reality of your soul – the things happening which trigger stress are just opening a space of your Self which requires your work on it, by facing it and understanding it, coming at peace with it.

So when you do this technique remember that you are OK and that all that is happening is a trigger, not for stress, but for something which will help you become a better you.