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How to Satisfy your Lover (Just Two Powerful Steps)


You need to satisfy your lover or else.

So let’s get down to business an stop looking the other way, pretending there isn’t a problem.

You have a lover. Could be a romantic partner, spouse, or live-in. I don’t care, as long as you’re lovers.

This lover should not be a figment of your imagination or the one you’d like to hook up with. No, this is for your actual romantic partner, a real person with whom you relate consistently. You need to keep him/her satisfied, right?

Warning: You simply must find a way to satisfy your lover, even if the tips in this post turn out to be bunk in your case. Don’t give up. Unsatisfied lovers have a way of turning into ex-lovers sooner or later.

If you DON’T KNOW how satisfied your lover is with you, beware. If they were over-the-moon satisfied, you’d know it. You can always ask. In fact, I dare you to ask. “On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with me as your lover?”

Do you want to know? You should! I just asked my lover that very question. The answer was, “Super satisfied. An 11 on a 1-10 scale.” I guess that qualifies me to write this post. No kidding. I really did ask my lover. Whew. I’m good!

The Formula for Satisfying your Lover. Are you Ready?

It’s a fair question. You may NOT be ready to satisfy your lover after all. When you do, you’ll suddenly be on the receiving end of a highly happy person. A satisfied lover who sees YOU as the source of the greatest goodies in life.

You might not be ready for the sheer bliss of a mutual love-fest. You may be a massive self-sabotager who cannot get out of your own way to save your very life. If that’s the case, you’re not going to benefit by the following the steps here. Overcome the self-sabotage first. Just sayin’:)

Without further ado:

  1. Put your EGO Aside to Satisfy your Lover

Good god if only the world’s inhabitants could drop the ego like a hot potato. EGO = I am only in this for myself.

Nope, you’re in a two-way relationship, my friend. And it’s not all about you. You’d be best served by forgetting all about yourself in this case. Forget. Your. Self.

Mind you, I’m not suggesting there are no benefits for you in this charade. Are you kidding? The benefits of having a satisfied lover are out of this world! When you keep your mate happy – really happy – the bennies coming your way multiply 10-fold.

Think of the poor self-centered bastard who only cares about his own satisfaction. No one wants to do anything for him. Nobody respects him. He’s a loser, schmuck; someone all alone in this world. And he’s miserable.

Contrast that with the lover who makes his partner’s needs a priority….and you’ve got a night/day scenario. The selfless lover is a magnet for personal satisfaction. Let it go! Put your ego aside in this case and know that the more you satisfy your lover  – without concern for yourself – the more YOU will be satisfied.

If you don’t get this, click away. Buh-bye.

  1. Get Deviously Specific (Seeing, Hearing, Feeling)

(Hello NLP )

Satisfying your lover becomes abundantly clear when you understand how s/he receives love. You might say this is the NLP (much simpler and easier) version of love languages.

Does your lover receive love by seeing, hearing or feeling? In other words, do you need to:

  • show your lover
  • tell your lover
  • or touch your lover? (hugs work)

Most people have a preferred way to receive love. Tragically, most of us give love through the same channel (see, hear, feel) that we like to receive it. If your lover isn’t a match, you won’t get credit for the giving and s/he won’t feel loved!

Ask your partner the best way for you to give love!