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How To Sell OSRS Gold And Make Money Playing RuneScape


The idea of making money by playing video games sounds like a dream come true. But is it really worth your time? The answer is yes, but you need to know how to do it right. In this post, we will teach you how to sell OSRS gold and make money playing RuneScape.

For those of you who don’t know what OSRS is, it stands for Old School Runescape. It’s from the 2007 version of the game that brings nostalgic feels to those who have played RuneScape during its early days.

Now, how do you profit from playing this MMORPG?

Invest In RuneScape Membership

RuneScape members have access to more quests, minigames, and skills than non-paying players. If you plan on making money by playing RuneScape then it would be best if you invest in becoming a member since this can help you make more OSRS gold faster.

Memberships are either acquired through exchanging OSRS bonds for membership keys, buying RS memberships from a third-party seller, or purchasing them directly from the official site of RuneScape.

Focus On Developing Your Skills

It is no surprise that in OSRS, the “Big Three” of skills are Woodcutting, Mining, and Fishing. Not only are these three essential for survival, but they also make you money!

Woodcutting is the skill you need to cut down trees and get logs. Logs are needed for fire making, construction, and fletching, so there’s always a demand for them!

Mining is an integral skill for those who need to find and sell ores and gems. It provides a way to make money off of the minerals in rocks that are found through mining.

The more skilled one is in fishing, the better their ability to catch a wider variety of fish. Fish are often used for cooking recipes, so it’s necessary, and there are some fishes in OSRS that can be quite expensive when sold.

Farm OSRS Gold Like A Pro

Gold farming is often associated with boring and tedious tasks, but there are a few ways to make your gold production more efficient. First, you need to identify the activities that can bring you the greatest number of OSRS gold at your current skill levels.

Many of the ways to acquire gold pieces in this game are combat-related, but there is some wiggle room for newbies and higher-level players alike. For example, low levels can slay cows and chickens, pick potatoes, or shear sheep, while high levels may be able to slay dragons and magical creatures.

Mining is a great way to make in-game currency. It’s relatively easy and efficient, especially if you choose coal or iron ore for mining purposes. With enough experience points, you can easily earn up to 30k gold per hour.

Smiting is an excellent option that opens the door to mountains of riches. However, it requires reaching a high level in order to attain the necessary experience for smiting cannonballs and steel bars. If you cannot get to this level, then iron ones are your best bet.

If you’re a business-minded person, in-game trading and item flipping is the way to go. Identify something that’s undervalued or just one step up from junk status, such as raw materials, which can be turned into items of higher value with sellable markup in the Grand Exchange.

Using the skills you’ve honed in OSRS to make a profit is an exciting way of earning gold and making your mark on this virtual world. Once you feel confident enough with your skills and have more than enough OSRS Gold, it can be time to sell them for real-world cash.

Where You Can Sell Your OSRS Gold?

Have you played Runscape for a long time and earned millions of gold, or you may be you are thinking of stopping to play it and looking where to sell your earned gold?

Some players purchase or sell OSRS gold coins using websites.

Many players go to forums, Facebook, or eBay to trade with other players, but this method is not trusted, and it can be potentially unsafe and sometimes may lead to scamming, so this method is not recommended. If you want a safer transaction, you may choose a safer and more trusted marketplace.

If you find a marketplace that you feel comfortable with and it is a reputable website/seller, you can easily sell your OSRS gold. You need to register, post your offers, and complete deliveries.

If you have any doubts about the selling and you need more information about the risks involved, make sure that you read the PlayerAuctions’ User Agreement carefully, seek legal advice, or talk to the game publisher directly.

If you trade for the first time, try with a smaller amount of money. Paypal is the method that is most widely used for selling gold, but you can also receive money in Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

When you give the gold, the support agent will give you the money via your preferred payment method.

Your Privacy Matters

During the payment and selling process, it is very important for you to hide your real-life information and you can do this by using any Cryptocurrency.

Tips To Use While Trading With OSRS Gold

Some additional tips to use while selling OSRS gold:

In-game chat to communicate

You should avoid communication through the game and the conversation should be done through their web – site.

Do not use your real IP address

When selling your OSRS gold, try using VPN because Jadex can track your IP address. You use a different IP address for every gold trade.

Avoid trading in a well–known area

While you trade your coins, avoid trading in a well–known area such as Grand Exchange. The meeting place should be usually unknown and unique, where no one expects you to trade.

Sell Runescape Gold To The Best OSRS Gold Site

Choosing the RuneScape gold site, you are going to sell your OSRS gold to is crucial and is almost as important as identifying various ways how to earn those OSRS GP.

When selling OSRS gold, you want to sell to a site with a good reputation and that offers plenty of payment options. Do not fall into the trap of making the most profit and ignoring the obvious red flags. Sites may post great prices for your OSRS gold, but in the end, you won’t get any of it.

Be cautious of these scammers and refrain from sending the gold over without confirming the legitimacy of your buyer. If you have millions of OSRS GP sitting around, you might want to check Probemas and sell your extra gold to them. They’ve been our chosen partner for all our RuneScape needs, and many fellow OSRS players are also fond of their services.

10 Other Trusted Sites to Sell Your OSRS Gold

  1. ChicksGold
  2. RSGoldFast
  3. AccountWarehouse
  4. Player Auctions
  5. YanLili Gold
  6. RSGold420
  7. Food4Rs
  8. RunescapeGoldMarkt
  9. RsMills

Is Selling RuneScape Gold Illegal?

Every item of RuneScape is the property of Jadex and it is not considered personal property of the player. Players who violate these rules risk being permanently banned without even being warned. According to the company’s representative, the company players can no longer sell gold for real money. Jadex prohibits real-world trading, and as previously mentioned, you can be banned for it.

It is not illegal, but it is against the rules of the game.

What Is Osrs Gold Worth?

The price of the Osrs changes on a daily basis. The current OSRS Gold price is $0.79 per million. If you have 1 billion OSRS Gold, it will be worth around $790.

On the other hand, RS3 is at $0.11, and a billion of RS3 gold is around $110.

10 Richest OSRS Players in the World

If you have ever wondered who is the wealthiest OSRS player, we present you with the list of the top 10 world players starting from the tenth until the position number 1:

10. Verb

According to some sites, he is the tenth richest player, and the final screen for this player showed 700 million in his looting bag.

9. Not Mark

On his death screen, he was one of the richest players in the game Old School Rune Scape. He had 420 million in herbs and gear, which took him long to amass.

8. UIM Troll

He was one of the first to get a Twisted Bow in the  Ultimate Ironman Old School Rune Scape, which automatically raised him to 1 billion. Even though the real amount he owns is not still unknown, he secures his place as one of the richest gamers of all time.

7. No Bank Wicked

Although he is not very well known and there is not much information about him, this player made some great achievements, and his estimated net worth is 1.4 billion.

6. Mega and Ampheros

His total profit is estimated as 6.2 billion GP, although his death screen shows a great loss. Still, he had a massive accomplishment in this game.

5. UIM Panda

This player had a looting bag worth $800 million GP.

4. GP Ultimate Low

Ultimate Low is of the richest player in the game Ultimate Ironman. He is one of the rare players that completed Nightmare of Atchihama and with the Nightmare Staff Inquisitors helmet and a Harmonize Orb that is worth 2 billion on its own. His looting bag is estimated as 7.2 billion GP.

3. @Jacky100 

According to some forums and websites, his daily flips are around 100 billion or more. He may take the first place soon.

2. Sparc Mac

According to Reddit, he has an unbelievable sum of 150 billion. He comes second after @Matt 123,  who is considered the best player of all time.

1.@Matt 123

According to some sites, he gathered around  1.5 trillion in-game at his last showing. He even has a nice reputation of being a nice player and financed some other players. In addition, transactions with him always go smoothly.

How Much Is Max Cash Osrs In One Stack?

Gold coins, gold pieces, are the most common form of trade, and in the game, they look like small gold coins in various forms and can be stacked. The players refer to them as GP, gold, cash, or money. If you have a stack of gold it will have a small colored text on the upper – left-hand corner of the stack.

The maximum number of money (in the form of golden coins) that players may hold in a single stack is 2,147,483,647.

This is because of the usage of the signed 32-bit integer data type.

This price is the maximal one you can use while trading and you can not raise the price beyond. In case you raise the price, you will get “Too high” when you offer multiple items.

Players whose wealth exceeds this amount usually invest their wealth in spirit shards. They can also use another item of high market liquidity or discontinued items.

As an alternative,  a player may have a stack in an alternative format that will give him an additional 53,687,091,175 (almost 53.7 billion) coins.