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How to Soothe Your Anxiety While Traveling


Traveling is mostly associated with fun, relax, and thrill. But for people with anxiety or panic disorders, being in a new place can be triggering. There are some steps you can take to ease your symptoms. Read on for some of the most recommendable and easy-to-execute tips.

  1. Bring your favorite films and shows with you.

If you’re not traveling with a laptop, you can get the Amazon Fire Stick. Simply plug it in any TV and you can access all the films and shows you love. The portable $39 gadget gives you access to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and a host of other streaming services that will help distract you from your anxiety. Keep in mind that some content might be blocked in your destination. To make sure you can access everything you need, use a VPN for Amazon Fire Stick.

  1. Drink responsibly or avoid alcohol altogether

There is an endless list of non-anxiety reasons why taking alcohol before a flight is a no-no. For starters, magine how difficult it would be getting the ever-busy hostesses to attend to you or finding your missing luggage at the destination. If you have anxiety, you would be brewing a mental disaster for yourself during or after your flight. Studies show that alcohol is more likely than not to worsen your symptoms. If you have to take anything, let it be water, coffee, or soda instead. Save the alcohol for when you arrive and are familiar with your destination.

  1. Remember the facts

If you have flight anxiety, remind yourself of how minute the chance of an air disaster happening is. In case you didn’t know, the probability of being involved in a plane crash anywhere in the world is around one in three million. If you travel once every day, you will need over 2,700 years to accumulate one million flights, which is obviously impossible. It is certainly a good idea to avoid disaster news if you have flight anxiety, but reading up basic crash stats and facts beforehand can go a long way toward calming you down ahead of your flight.

  1. Exercise before travelling

Exercising a few moments before boarding a plane can relax your muscles and brain and distract you from your anxiety. And, by exercising, we don’t necessarily mean doing a full-fledged Crossfit workout; you just need to give your body a proper stretch and you are good to go. Sitting idly before the flight may lead to a wild build-up of your nervous energy, which would start showing when it’s finally time for the flight. Use every minute you get before and in between flights to keep your muscles engaged, ideally by taking short walks.

  1. Do not fight your feelings

This may seem bizarre, but, apparently, going with your feelings is a thing when it comes to fighting anxiety. According to studies, the tactic of digging in emotionally and trying to override the panic from the core does not always work. That war with yourself is likely to cause you to pay more attention to the detrimental facet of your fears and inflate your anxiety several times over. Recognizing and acknowledging your anxiety or panic can help you get around it without breaking a sweat. Remind yourself of the times you have had the feeling and managed to pull through perfectly. This tactic helps with bringing your thoughts and feelings back under your control. It may take longer to work for abrupt panic attacks but it is almost always bound to work in the end.

  1. Watch a funny video

No alleged anxiety remedy beats listening to relaxing music for minutes on end. However, watching a video of one’s favorite comedian has been shown to have similar effects on the brain. The science behind it is simple: philosophy doesn’t think it is plausible to be anxious and laugh at the same time. One has to pave way for the other. So, if you can manage to have a collection of comedy videos at the ready before your flight, you can counter your anxiety even before it strikes. The body will remain relaxed up to hours after having a genuine laugh, so you don’t necessarily have to wait for the symptoms of anxiety to take out your phone and watch that video.

Anxiety is a complex experience that doesn’t always warn before hitting. You have to be ready at all times. These tips can help you halt your fears in their tracks and regain control of your feelings in an instant. Know which ones work for you best and ensure you can access them during and after the flight. If it is music, download the playlist and save it in your phone early on. Also, regardless of the length of your journey, be sure to fully charge your phone, tablet, or laptop for good measure.