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How to Stay in Touch with Family while Studying in Another City?


Staying away from family can be a tough decision but it is a necessary one. Staying away from family makes us realize their importance and also makes us independent. We understand their values and teachings more precisely than we do by staying with them.

Staying a few kilometers away is understandable but what if your job or study or any other reason makes you stay and your family in two different cities? It can be really sad but every cloud has a silver lining. And thanks to today’s technological advancement, the world has become a comparatively smaller place.

People move out to different countries and still stay in very good touch and connection with the families, in a way that two different cities are still manageable.

Today, when simply by asking, ‘if anyone can write my paper for me’ on the internet can let you hire the best writers from around the world, and give you the best writing services; then why not staying in touch with family can be an easy deal?

However, today, we will help you with some tips that can make your distance-staying a bit easier. These small handy things will make connectivity with your family an easy task.

So, let’s start.

Fix a day for a video call

Sometimes working or studying in another city leaves you little time to talk every day on the phone. Initially, you will call every day even ten times a day but as life succeeds in the new area, these frequencies will get less. You will have a new life, to begin with, and new people to socialize with. In this new life, you may not be able to give time to the family even if you want to.

So here is the solution.

Fix a time in a week wherein you are not busy and make sure to make a video call to your family. Treat this like a ritual that cannot be adjusted or shifted. Your family members will also be really happy that you have a portion of your time dedicated just for them.

Try to make this call a video one, because that increases the bond and gives them a feeling of satisfaction of seeing you right.

Plan surprise visits

Don’t be away for too long. Make sure to visit your family as frequently as you can manage. When the year starts, book your tickets according to the long holidays on the list.

Also if there are any surprise day-offs, give them a surprise visit. This will assure that you are connected to them despite being far.

Moreover, you could ask them to come down to your place whenever possible. They will really feel content once they see that you stay comfortable and happy.

To conclude,

Your family does not need anything else from you except some of your time. If you can give them that, you both will be at peace. After all, in the end, it’s family that you can count on.

Staying in regular contact with your family will also help you in being mentally, socially, and physically stable and positive.