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How To Support a Love One Recovering From Addiction

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Alcohol addiction is a brutal disease that can destroy the lives of people who fail to take action. Loving someone who is struggling with addiction can be challenging. You may struggle with feeling as if you are tolerating the issue if you offer support, but people need support from friends and family members to achieve and maintain sobriety. Here are three ways you can support a recovering alcoholic without condoning the issue.

Help Locate a Reputable Detox Center

Some people are able to complete an alcohol detox on their own, but many people require more extensive help while undergoing the recovery process. Once your friend or family member is ready to receive help, start looking for a reputable alcohol detox center in Memphis, TN. Finding the right center for your loved ones’ needs can make a huge difference in helping them achieve sobriety so they can focus on changing their lifestyle.

Choosing a good detox center may seem like a daunting challenge. Not only do you need to consider the program each center uses, but you also need to think about the cost. Select the option that best meets your loved one’s needs and will not blow his or her budget.

Establish New Routines

It’s easy to fall back into old patterns if you do not create a new routine after completing a detox program. Helping loved ones create new routines is a great way to support their sobriety journey. Keep in mind that while you may still enjoy visiting bars on the weekends, it may not be the best environment for your loved one. Finding new places to hang out and enjoy life is critical for helping your friends and family members maintain sobriety.

Provide a Place To Stay

Many alcoholics have to hit rock bottom before they are willing to seek help for their addiction. Sometimes their excessive alcohol use leads to the inability to keep a job, while others make the tragic mistake of spending their rent and grocery money on drinks. Even after achieving sobriety, they may have to start rebuilding their lives, and your support is an important element in helping them find stability.

Your loved one may not have a home or apartment to go back to after going through a detox program, so one of the most practical ways you can offer support is by providing shelter. If you have extra space in your home, ask your friend or family member to move in for a couple of months until he or she is in a more stable position.

It’s important to remember that if you allow your loved one to live with you temporarily, you should establish rules and set boundaries so you do not get taken advantage of. Your goal is to help your friend or family member get back on his or her feet and establish a new, healthier lifestyle. You can offer support to help loved ones accomplish this goal without allowing them to disrupt your life.

Millions of people struggle with alcohol addiction. They need support to get through the initial recovery process and maintain sobriety. Using these tips helps you get started.