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How to Take Good Care Of Your Magnetic Lashes


Magnetic lashes are the in thing right now. Most ladies today own at least a pair of magnetic lashes, and they just can’t seem to get over them. The lashes are reusable, easy to apply, and also elongate your eyes, making them pop out. All these benefits of these lashes make them worth every penny.

As mentioned, the lashes are reusable; however, for them to serve you for long, you need to learn how to clean them. The Lolas lashes also need some tender love and care, just like the other products that you probably have in your collection. So, how can you clean the lashes? Read on to find out.

  • Take off the lashes

The first step of cleaning the magnetic lashes is by taking them off. You need to be careful when doing this so as to avoid damaging the strength of the tiny magnets at the base. 

Before removing them, wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap. This is to avoid transferring any more germs to the lashes or even contaminating your eyes. After that, you can hold the lashes from the lash band and pull them off gently.  

  • Clean the lashes

Most women prefer wearing magnetic lashes with mascara and some eyeliner. You, therefore, will need to remove the mascara and the eyeliner by properly cleaning the lashes. One way that you can do this is by soaking a cotton pad with eye makeup remover then dab on the lashes. You need to be careful while doing so to avoid distorting the shape of the lashes.

The second way to clean the lashes is by placing them in a clean container, then adding a good amount of alcohol-based eye makeup remover. Let them soak for about five minutes, then remove them using a tweezer and place them in a dry tissue.

  • Clean the magnets

It is also important that you clean the magnets as well. Take a cotton swab and add an alcohol-based eye makeup remover. Gently rub it over the magnets to remove any residue of the eyeliner that might have been left.  

After cleaning the magnets, you can now do a second round of cleaning the lashes by putting them on a clean container with the eye makeup remover. Use the tweezers to dip them in the makeup remover, remove them and place them on dry tissue.

  • Dry the lashes

The next step is to dry the lashes. Putting the lashes in their case while they are still damp can distort their shape and the magnets too. Therefore, ensure that the lashes are clean before putting them away. It is best to put the lashes in the same case that you bought them with. Also, avoid placing the lashes under direct sunlight as it may cause the lashes to change color.

If you want your magnetic lashes to serve you for long, you need to take good care of them by following the steps mentioned above.