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How To Tell Whether Your Ex Is Still In Love With You


Who would’ve thought what I had with him would fall apart? Who would’ve thought that we’d become just a shadow of the couple we once were? Well, I certainly wouldn’t.

When we ended the relationship, he moved out of the apartment. I had just started a new job and he knew things were a little bit complicated so he let me stay. I’ll never forget how I felt while I was waiting for him to leave the apartment. I felt like a part of me was leaving with him.

I was holding the keys tightly in my hands and I avoided looking at his eyes. I knew that if I looked at his deep, blue eyes, I’d burst out crying. Therefore, I waited for him to leave in the kitchen and when he left, I sat on the floor and cried for hours. I couldn’t stop thinking that was the last time I saw him. That was the last time I had him so close to me. So close and yet so far.

But, the truth is, things between us weren’t working for some time. We tried really hard to save our relationship and make things be the way they once were, believing that our love was strong enough to conquer anything.

We tried to work on ourselves as well. I tried to overcome my insecurities and give up habits that bothered him. He did the same thing too. We did our best to solve all our problems and find solutions that were the best for both of us.

We did everything that was in our power to make things work between us, and yet, we didn’t succeed.

The more we tried to save our relationship, the more in vain it looked. And when we finally came to terms with the fact that it wouldn’t work, we decided to part ways.

And the decision was both relieving and painful. But, it was necessary.

However, as soon as he was gone, I regretted it. The apartment felt empty and cold. Every corner radiated with the memories I had of him. The memories we made every single day for three years.

And not just the apartment. Every place in the city reminded me of him. Every club, restaurant, and park reminded me of the lovely time we spent there together. Sometimes even working in my office was impossible because my memories of him haunted me.

I wanted him. I needed him.

I couldn’t let this man go. I simply couldn’t imagine my life without him.

So, one Friday night while I was sitting in our favorite bar, I texted him. I couldn’t text anything else, but “Hi.” He texted me back the same thing.

I could feel myself blushing and my cheeks burning. All I could think of texting him next was “How are you? How is your new place?”

“Fine,” he answered and asked me about our old apartment.

We spent the rest of the night texting each other. We talked about what had been going on in our lives, our careers, and stuff like that. It was nothing meaningful, yet, it was everything we needed to know about each other.

Gradually, we allowed the conversation to turn into something easy and pleasant since both of us wanted that to happen.

So, my point is, when a person loves you, they’ll always respond. Maybe it’ll take you a while before you make the decision to reach out first. Maybe you’ll feel uncomfortable and even afraid that the other person won’t respond, but hey, if you truly love them, nothing will be scary or embarrassing enough to prevent you from trying to get back together with them, right?

My story shows you that even a simple Hi can tell you whether or not he or she still loves you.

And if you want to know what happened at the end of that Friday night, let me just tell you that I didn’t go home alone – I went home holding the hand of the person I loved and still love the most.