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How to Train Yourself to Play Bass Guitar like a Pro


Do you love the beats of the guitar and have always been dreaming of playing it? Well, you should wait no longer as there are simple methods that can help you become a professional guitar player and that too within no time. Just like any other musical instrument, playing the guitar does require a lot of practice. However, if you are aware of the various tips and tricks to play the guitar, you would be able to master the art of playing the bass guitar.

Below are some of the critical points that you must remember when you are trying to learn to play the guitar-

Make yourself familiar with the design

The first thing that you must do is to understand the design and the placement of various components in a guitar. At the back of your mind, you must know what the exact position of the pickup, the bridge or the headstock is; understanding the structure of your bass guitar is important.

Learn to tune the guitar

Don’t start playing without understanding as you have to the tune the guitar before use. Remember tuning is done from the lowest tone that is E and then going up to A, D and to G which is the highest point of tuning.

Familiarize yourself with the amplifier

Keep playing and hearing the sound from the amplifier to understand the difference between the bass. Although, it may take bit longer time especially if you are not aware or have not been a regular user of the amplifier.

 Understand the right posture to play the guitar

The way you stand when playing the guitar can have a significant impact. If you are looking to become a professional player, you should observe the various artists who play the guitar on stage. You should be comfortable playing the guitar but don’t hold it too loosely as well.

Practice to play the strings in the right manner

Don’t just start playing the string without understanding the right amount of pressure that you must apply to produce a specific sound. It is recommended to reduce the arm and wrist movement by isolating the plucking to your fingers. If you want to use a pick then do ensure that you are holding it correctly between your two fingers and your hand movement is as smooth as it was when you were playing with just your fingers.

Learn to mute the strings

To be able to play a wide variety of sound and your favorite songs, you must understand the way by which you have to put a string on mute while playing the guitar.

Know how to change the pitch

When you are playing with your right hand, you should press the strings from the left, at the correct position to be able to change the pitch of the sound. You must understand the amount of pressure that is needed to create a different tone of the music.

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