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How to tune in to study after the holidays?


It is difficult to get into a working mood even after a month of vacation. It is doubly more difficult for a student: here, the rest is a little longer, and there are much more responsibilities – to start working on the course paper, to move with new teachers, and try not to submit all the assignments on time. As a student, I usually spent not that much time to write my papers perfectly, since I used various online services.

Do you remember how happy you were with brand-new notebooks, sets of pens and pencils, albums and paints, a clean pencil case, and a briefcase at Elementary school? It’s time to repeat the experience! Put the old notes aside, throw them in the trash pens and markers. Go to the stationery store and buy a new one. No matter how parents of schoolchildren complain, it is not so expensive to prepare for school. 

Creating a new look!

Before starting classes, take a look at the store, pick up new things, make a different hairstyle or just trim your hair. The style can be different, but it is best to keep it formal – a suit with a skirt or trousers. Casual should be left for walks with friends … at least for the first time.

We are setting up a new place!

It is both more difficult and easier for freshmen at the same time. It is more difficult – because studying at a university is very much different from school. It’s easier – because a new place, a new team, a new type of activity allow you to forget about the holidays faster and join the learning process. It is a little more difficult for older students: they are waiting for the same, the same university, the same classrooms. Updating the environment to tune in to study after the holidays is not so easy. Among the available options: changing an apartment or a room, rearranging furniture, buying a new thing somehow related to study: a map or a globe, a set of books, a bookcase, a desktop, a desk lamp. 

Making a schedule

It may be boring to live according to a schedule, but it will not be possible to tune in to study without it. It is better to prepare it in a week or two after the start of classes when the training schedule is settled, and you can specify the number of pairs and their time. There is only one catch – the uneven distribution of classes. 

When making a personal schedule, follow a few rules:

– always get up at the same time;

– set aside time for a walk, reading books, or other favorite activities (let it be at least 30 minutes, but they should only be yours);

– determine the hours of self-study);

– distribute the load evenly, even if the schedule at the university does not contribute to that.

We take the bull by the horns!

The best way to tune in to study is to start learning! Have you already asked something? Have you been informed about the upcoming test? Have you determined the topic of the course? Start right now – not tomorrow, not in a week, not two days before the deadline. So you will do yourself a huge favor and tune in to the working mood.

Many students, and especially freelancers, study excessively at first. September 1 comes, they buy stationery, change their look, tune in to work and load themselves up so much that they run out of steam after a couple of months. The result is depressing: such a student is not motivated to prepare for exams. Do not repeat mistakes. Studying is not a sprint race. In order not to lose motivation in the middle of the way, do not overload yourself from the very first days. Keep the balance – and by the end of the marathon, you will be full of energy to easily pass the exams. 

How can I increase the size of my scholarship?

A scholarship for a student is his living wage. Agree, it is unlikely that today’s scholarships will be enough to live to the fullest: visit clubs, restaurants, organize parties with friends, and do another hundred and one pleasant things, both for the soul and for the body.

“Well, what can I do about it? After all, my scholarship does not depend on me,” a typical student will ask, not even realizing that one of his main mistakes lies in this question.

Before continuing to read this article, you need to understand that everything depends solely on you.

Students who are just complaining about life and waiting for the state to deal with the issue of increasing scholarships are wasting their time. 

So, let’s consider the basic rules for increasing the scholarship.

Rule 1: Start working

“Wait, but I’m already working hard! Today I found the strength and came to lectures, even at times I listened to what the teacher was muttering to himself…”.

And this is what you call labor? Think for a minute about what will happen to an employee who comes to the office and will just sit at the computer, and not benefiting the company. That’s right, he will be fired immediately. Work for a student means that he must work with doubled and even tripled strength and enthusiasm. Life involves constant change. Even according to the world-famous law of attraction, you have to send a signal to the universe about what you want before your desire comes true.

Right from this day, forget about passive existence and laziness. Take part in student conferences and Olympiads, spend more time in the library, not only studying the course material but also learning new information, expanding your range of knowledge. Take the initiative during classes and be one of the first to go to the blackboard.  

Rule 2: Take an active part in the life of your university

Instead of going to the park with other students and aimlessly killing your time, contact the trade union committee or student council. Ask how you can be useful. By doing this, you will already increase your chances of receiving an increased scholarship, since they do not pay money for community service at the university, and therefore a student who independently offered his help is a huge rarity.

But what you can get is an increase to the scholarship in gratitude from the university for the work done. 

Rule 3: Take part in scientific conferences and competitions

Each of us has our talents. So why not apply for them in such an important matter as increasing the scholarship?! Find out what competitions are held at the university, and take an active part in them. Even if you do not become a winner, you will certainly show yourself to be an initiative student, and perhaps your teachers will recommend you to be included in the list for grants for talented youth, which are allocated from time to time.

And the most important rule is to enjoy the learning process. Remember your main goal, which is to gain knowledge for their further application in practice.