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How to Use Technology to Improve Customer Service?


Are your sales taking a plunge? Do you dread that the poor ratings and negative reviews on social media about your service will jeopardize your brand image? If you nodded your head agreeably while you read the first two lines, then you need to buckle up and revamp your customer service strategy right this instant to save your enterprise from drowning. Customers are the backbone of every business venture and have the potential power to either make or break their market position. A business or service in the market with unsatisfied customers is similar to a sinking ship in the ocean that needs rescuing.

In sectors such as construction, where effective communication and project management are paramount, integrating a specialized construction CRM can make a significant difference.

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Customer Service – The Golden Key to Any flourishing Enterprise

Customers are the heartbeat of any business or service. Exceptional customer service is crucial, especially in today’s high-tech age where it has gone way beyond emails or phone calls due to the evolution of e-commerce and social media platforms that are being vastly used for freely purchasing goods and services and leaving instant feedbacks.

A fast, efficient, and dedicated customer service makes the customer feel valued and acknowledged. Planning out and providing exceptional customer service can be time-consuming and may even require more investment to hire skillful CSRs, additional equipment, and much more; but in the long run, it helps an enterprise to outclass its competitors and grow stronger. A good example to follow would be AT&T customer service that has been rated #1 in the U.S.

Why Do ISPs in the US Need a Strong Customer Service?

The United States of America is a gigantic country having 50 diverse states with each having a distinguished, multicultural population. But do you know that one thing these heterogeneous beings can’t live without? The internet!

Over the years, the demand for the internet skyrocketed as people became more tech-savvy and highly dependent on internet-driven digital devices for research, communication, shopping, and entertainment. In 2018, there were 200+ million internet users in the US and that figure will soon turn into 300+ million by 2022. This exponential rise in internet usage gave birth to numerous ISPs in the US, shooting numbers up to 2500+.

Today, cut-throat competition between ISPs in the US makes it essential for each one of them to offer impeccable customer service to provide maximum customer satisfaction so that they can retain customers and add more value to the brand.

Golden Tips to Enhance Customer Service – for ISPs

Happy customers increase a service provider’s credibility and boost its customer volume as 77% of customers recommend a service to their F&F if they’ve had a good experience with it.

If you want your customers to love you unconditionally then you must offer them an experience that’s on top of the range with utmost consistency. Here are some great tips for ISPs in the US that can help you upgrade the quality of your customer service to satisfy your end-users beyond their imagination.

1.      Revitalize and Equip your Customer Service Team

As they say “the first impression is the last impression,” Your customer service team (CST) is somewhat the face of the brand and is representing your company’s ethics, morals, and strengths.

No matter how ultrafast your speeds are or what incredible bundles you’re offering, if your CST isn’t skilled enough to woo the customers with their magical words, everything can go right down the drain in seconds. Here are a few ways you can build an invincible customer service team:

  • Always hire skilled professionals who are self-motivated and eager to learn.
  • Track their performance. Get feedback from customers to get an insight into what they think about your customer service reps and make the needed changes and always appreciate the reps who are doing a good job.
  • Conduct monthly training sessions for the customer service representatives to update them on the current goals, marketing strategies, latest offers and equip them with relevant information about the service to widen their spectrum.
  • Equip your customer service reps with accurate knowledge about the pricing, features, and bundles that your internet service offers so that they don’t convey false or inaccurate information to the customers.
  • Organize workshops to sharpen their interpersonal skills and emphasize the importance of listening to all customer queries and issues with utmost empathy and patience. Fluent interpersonal skills paired with compassion enable the customer service reps to win customers’ hearts and build strong relations with them.

2.      Improve your Customer Service Strategy – Be More Human and Less Bot

Hiring skilled individuals for your customer service team is great, but that won’t give you any fruitful outcomes if your company does not have a well-designed customer service strategy to retain new or existing buyers.

A customer service approach that emphasizes personal interactions rather than sending automated messages through emails or SMS is more likely to enhance the customer experience. Always respond to your customer’s feedbacks and FAQs on your official websites and social media pages so that they feel connected and cared for.

3.       Show That They Can Count On You

Sometimes customers want it all, and they want it right away and! And that makes it mandatory for your customer service to be available whenever it’s needed and respond to the customers promptly.

Around-the-clock customer service is essential to stay ahead of the competitors; especially in today’s digital age where people can easily reach out to you with their concerns at any time of the day through their smartphones. That is the reason why many leading ISPs like AT&T internet offer 24/7 dedicated customer service to their users that keep them content and loyal towards the service.

4.       Bridge Communication Gaps with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is an extremely important tool for all companies that helps companies to increase customer loyalty and boost their sales. Using a CRM platform can be useful for ISPs as it’ll help them in managing customer interactions and extracting important information from those interactions.

A smart CRM software gives you an insight into customers’ needs and helps you identify their desires so that you can target them directly to give a personalized customer experience and shoot sales.

CRM platform also allows you to send email surveys directly to your customers to fetch their feedback on your service. This facilitates the customer service team to work head-to-head with the customers to cater to their needs and fulfill their expectations to the fullest.

The cherry on top: CRM platform is highly accessible and can be used on all types of digital devices so that your customers can be assisted by your CSRs anytime, any day, and at any place.

It doesn’t matter how many steps or tips you choose to take to improve your customer service, always remember that getting feedback from your customers and responding to them promptly should be the top-most priority of all ISPs as it is always best to increase customer engagement whenever your sales are dipping. Since there is too much competition between ISPs in the US, there is no such thing as “too much customer service” as there will always be room for improvement. For survival, it is crucial for your company to constantly try to focus on improving customer engagements, gaining customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and build trust to pull new customers towards the service to achieve sale targets. Never forget that keeping your customers happy is the most important goal for any service provider to stay in the game. Always aim to work hard endlessly to provide 100% customer satisfaction on all platforms, at all times.