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How Traveling Makes You a Better Person


You only live once (YOLO).

There’s nothing like the soft, warm feel of the sand under your feet, the cool, gentle breeze that touches your face, the picture-perfect view of the horizon, and the calming sound of the waves.

Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys. Aside from giving you a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, traveling makes you a better person in so many ways.

You Realize that Life is a Battle of Wills

When there’s a will, there’s a way. Traveling is not all fun. Many unexpected things can happen along the way. From missing your flights to losing your luggage (or your wallet) getting lost in a strange city, ending up in a filthy hotel, and so on – you realize that you can never go away with bad situations, bad circumstances, and bad people in life. But while you can’t change the situation, you can change your attitude towards it. You can let yourself dwell into negativity, not finish your trip, and go home, or you can wear a smile in your face, continue your journey, and choose to be happy.

Memories are More Precious than Material Things

When you travel, you realize that “price” and “value” are two different things. Traveling costs money, especially if you plan to visit a foreign land. The cost of a seven-day trip could cost you three months of your salary. But then, you choose to embark on this trip because of the value it could bring to your life. Memories are priceless. They are something you will treasure for the rest of your life. If the cost is holding you back from traveling the world, you can always save up. You don’t have to rush to complete your travel bucket list. Stick to a modest budget to save more money. Good thing, there are online payday loans for bad credit that can help cover some of your travel expenses, even if you have a poor credit score.

Traveling Teaches You to Be Mindful

We live in a world that is heavily dependent on technology. We spend hours glued to our screens at work and even at home. We’ve gotten so intertwined with our devices that we no longer get the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and real human interaction. Traveling is a wonderful way to disconnect from our devices and embrace mindfulness. You can’t enjoy touring around a foreign city when you are not paying attention to the present moment. Practicing mindfulness lifts our spirits, strengthens our mind, and helps us to regulate our emotions, which ultimately make us a better person.

Traveling Makes You Conquer Your Fears

Setting foot on a strange land is scary enough. What more diving off from a plane, jumping from a cliff, or walking on a glass-bottom bridge? Traveling makes us do things we never thought we could ever do, not even in our dreams! Adventures like these are once-in-a-lifetime. Yet, their impact lasts for long.

It Makes You Appreciate Diversity

As you visit different countries or regions, you realize that age, gender, color, race, or religion don’t define people. And that everyone is unique, beautiful, and deserves to be loved and respected. As you learn about their culture and traditions, you appreciate other races more. You realize that people are just like you underneath it all and that the differences in culture is something to be embraced, appreciated, and enjoyed, and not to be feared.

Through Traveling, You Can Find Yourself

Venturing to a new city without knowing a single soul takes a lot of courage. So as going out of your comfort zone and trying out new things. Situations like these make you tap into your strengths, learn about your weaknesses, and understand yourself even more. Also, getting away from the stresses of your daily life and giving yourself time to relax and be alone, is a great way to connect with your inner self, ponder on things like what you really want in life, and find what truly makes you happy.

You Realize that the Best Things in Life are Free

Sure, the plane tickets were expensive. But by exploring the world, you realize that the greatest joy comes from the simplest things – the smile on a stranger’s face, the peacefulness in the island, the soft, powdery feel of the sand under your feet, and the cool breeze touching your face. You realize that no material thing – not even that luxury car you’ve been working hard to buy – can give you much peace and happiness than being one with nature.

Traveling Gives You an Opportunity to Think and Reflect

When we feel overwhelmed with our goals and responsibilities, all we want is some kind of distraction, at least for a while. Traveling gives you just that. Whether you’re making a big decision or just made one but unsure about whether it was the right thing, traveling gives you the much-needed space to think through and reflect.