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How Your Mind Controls Your Health


Recent clinical research has found the long-searched piece of the puzzle- they have found the evidence of a mind-body connection, something we are all familiar with. It is now proven that something that goes on in our mind always sooner or later reflects on our body too, for example, there exists a link and a high-correlation, between people who experienced early childhood body and mind traumas with serious illnesses in early adulthood.

Stress is the perfect example when it comes to proving the link between most of our illnesses, directly indicative of this mind-body connection. More than one study published proves the link between stress as a factor with physical health issues such as: increase heart rate, higher cholesterol, increased risk of heart attacks and coronary diseases, problems with the stomach, muscle aches and joint pains, back problems and all of the mental illnesses like mood problems such as anger, depression, panic, headaches, anxiety, uncontrollable anger and furthermore even reduced immune response which is responsible for all the illnesses including cancer.

The Road to Happiness

Stress is nothing more than a network of traumas, negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that trigger stress illnesses which cannot be eliminated by prescription drugs, additionally, they can create even bigger problems or side effects. The road to happiness and a healthy body and mind is the holistic healing which deals directly with the mind-body connection, carefully discovering the causes of stress rather than just prescribing a pill.

Taking control of your health and finding the emotional connection between these two, should be a priority. We mustn’t perceive ourselves as powerless in situations but instead, we should have the power to deal with it effectively. Healthy mind equals healthy body!

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Self Confidence & Self-Healing

Learning to Self-Heal and to exceed the probability of your thoughts affecting your health should be really an unavoidable part of your life. How we perceive ourselves and what we think plays a critical role to self-healing with mind-body medicine. It will help you get to the underlying cause of the symptom in order to return to the healthy body-healthy mind as soon as possible.

We must promote repeated phrases of support rather than ones that say we are powerless to change the situation, which subconsciously through the mind-body connections promotes sickness directly to our cells. We are attached to the feeling of being powerlessness and any other option like embracing our inner power seems outrageous, impossible, or even crazy. But we do have the power with the help of holistic mind-body medicine to beat one of our greatest fears ever.

Truth be told we do live in a world constantly surrounded by germs, viruses, bacteria, and even a certain number of cancer cells, but yet the modern medicine can`t discover why these cells multiply at one time and not another.

Most of the time medications only temporarily correct the problem on the surface in the short term and embraces and reinforces that the healing should come from the outside. Not denying that this type of medicine and surgeries can save lives too, on the long run we should search for the internal emotional blocks that cause these diseases and aim for embracing more of our intrinsic healing power and discover our body-mind connection.