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How Your Quality of Sleep Affects Your Health and Wellbeing


Do you realize just how important sleep is for your overall health? Apparently lack of sleep can affects us quite dramatically. Studies have proven that people who are sleep deprived generally function poorly in comparison to their well-snoozed counterparts.

And it’s not only how we function but also how our moods are likely to be. Nowadays, sleep deprivation is at an all time high due to the busy lives we lead and the increased amount of technology we consume. Our cell phones and tablets play a huge part in our quality of sleep, yet so many people refuse to put them down and get a good night’s rest!

In this article we look at a few ways in which sleep affects our health and wellbeing to give you a better idea of how important a good sleep schedule is.

Sleep Affects Our Thinking

Have you ever struggled or had trouble making simple decisions? This can be linked to your lack of sleep. Whenever we sleep less, our thinking ability decreases and we are less on the ball than when we have had a quality night’s sleep. Our ability to process information is also affected, and even the more simplest things seem to be difficult to process.

Poor Sleep Affects Your Mood

This is probably one of the most known disadvantages of lack of sleep. Your mood is likely to turn to feelings of irritation, even at the smallest things. This is dangerous as you are more likely to get into conflicts with coworkers or friends and family. So it is crucial that you remember this in order to keep your sleep at a reasonable amount in order to stay sane!

Alertness is Reduced

When you haven’t slept well your alertness is also affected. This means if you work in a job where you must be constantly alert, it could be a problem. Similarly, if you are busy during the day, your lack of sleep may interfere and could actually get you into an accident as you are not as aware as you should be. Sleep deprivation has actually implicated many accidents in the past involving airplanes, trains and more often cars and vehicles. This is why it is so important to get enough hours.

How to Improve Your Sleep Quality?

Often people are not aware that their sleeping environment might not be helping the matter. Your bedroom should be as sleep inviting as possible in order to allow for sleep to happen naturally. This means your bed should be as comfortable as possible. Using a foam mattress or king single mattress can be beneficial, both to your sleep quality and health at the same time as they are comfortable on the body as it rests, improving circulation and muscle pain.

As well as your actual bed, the things and activities you do before winding down in the evening can also play a big part in the quality of sleep you will receive. This means technology, your tv, tablet, laptop and phone are all key players here.

Most people have a little scroll before going to bed on social media or perhaps even reading. However, it is recommended that half an hour before bed, all led lights should be removed from the bedroom altogether as these actually stop us from sleeping well, and are big distractors during the night.