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Hugs Speak Louder Than Words: Here Are 5 Different Types of Hugs And Their Meaning


Hugs may not be considered official therapies, but they are the most incredible healing methods. Trust me, I’ve struggled a lot. But luckily, I’ve also hugged a lot.

The thing is, not every hug feels the same. There’s something special and indescribable in hugging someone you truly love. There are no words to explain those powerful emotions. You can only feel them.

So, when the hug is great, or in other words when the hug is shared with the right person, it may feel a lot different than the hug with someone else. There are many types of hugs and each has a different meaning. If you are a big huger, you’ll probably recognize some of them. But if you are not, here are 5 different types of hugs and their meaning:

A hello hug is a gentle squeeze which is sometimes accompanied with a brief kiss on the cheek. However, it is usually so quick that it is not really considered an embrace. A hello hug is something you do with almost every person you meet, so it’s not really a moment of affection. Even if you like this person, the desire to hug them will probably depend on how much you enjoy physical touch.

A friendly hug.

Now, this is different. It is a hug that goes on much longer than the one with a random person. And I am sure that you’ve all felt the magic of this embrace. A friendly hug has the power to fill your soul with happiness, joy, and comfort. A friendly hug is a reassurance that pure, genuine love does exist. Those who have felt it are the luckiest people alive.

An excited hug is a combination between a hello hug and a friendly hug. Because an excited hug usually occurs when we see someone that we’ve really missed. A person whom we respect and love very much even though they are not our best friend. This hug is one of the best things that can happen to you on a bad day. An excited hug has the power to brighten your day and lift up your spirits.

A comforting hug is offered when someone is upset or sad. This is a warm, loving and comforting embrace that says, “Don’t worry, I am here for you” and it is usually shared with a loved one. But sometimes, only sometimes this hug can also be received from a random person. And in those moments, there is nothing purer than that embrace. Being hugged by someone who doesn’t know you is proof that there is hope for humanity. 

A sexual/lover’s hug.

Last, but never the least, a sexual hug is a lover’s embrace. This is an intimate hug between two people who are in a romantic relationship. And this hug is the most intense and the most passionate embrace of them all. It is often the beginning of something even more sensual. But all in all, a sexual, lover’s hug is the most powerful way to connect to another human being. It is a moment that comes straight from the heart, a pure and genuine embrace that says, “I surrender both my soul and body to you because my love for you is unconditional”.

Hugging is an extraordinary and truly intimate experience. It is a connection that binds two people through their energies. An experience that makes two hearts beat like one. In order for us to hug another human being, we have to be open to receive their energy and share ours with them. We have to be open to acknowledge our emotions in that fragile and intimate moment and to connect with someone. We also have to pay attention to the message that the person wants to share with us.  

All in all, it’s safe to say that hugs speak louder than words.