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Humans CAN Have Children With Artificial Intelligence, Inventor Claims


We are not far from having human-machine marriages, as hard as we don’t want to admit. Companies specialized in creating robots as personal companions already exist and according to RealDoll, company that creates lifelike sex robots, there already have been marriages between sex dolls and humans.

This makes us wonder: where is this going?

If there are people tying the knot with a machine, how far are we from raising children with them? An inventor believes the purpose of personalized companions isn’t limited only to the bedroom, so he goes a step further and predicts a future where robots have offspring with humans. According to him, this is not as difficult and impossible to realize.

What are sex robots and how lifelike can they become?

Sex robots are lifelike machines that people buy to overcome loneliness, significant loss of someone beloved or to explore in the bedroom. The first realistic doll was created years ago and since then, great improvement has been made.

A realistic doll is not only a plastic doll that looks realistic. Sex dolls today can make expressions, speak with an accent and even feel warm on the skin. Experts are working on the creation of sex dolls that would be more personalized in order to diminish the differences between humans and machines.

Here we have to take into consideration the development of 3D-printing and the amazing things it enables us to print, including human skin. Artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, as well. Taking everything into consideration, in the future, we can only expect to see more realistic machines with human features and someday, event not telling them apart from real humans.

Life with a machine

Sergei Santos, inventor predicts a future where robots and humans will marry each other and even have children together. We are not speaking about only raising children here, but also having them. Sex dolls will no longer be used for satisfying sexual needs, but they could become real personal companions and be an alternative to humans when it comes to relationships and finding a partner.

Santos is the creator of one of the first sex dolls ever created and he’s working on the development of new creations. Recently, he has revealed that he’s working on the so-called ‘Silicon Samantha’, with whom he’s planning to have a child.

The new robot that Santos is creating can be personalized to fit the needs and desires of the owner. It reacts to human touch thanks to sensors implanted in its skin, which even enables the machine to ‘feel’ and respond to human trigger.

Furthermore, the artificial intelligence enables the doll to emotionally connect to humans. It can even be customized using modes, such as family mode and sexy mode.

Machines and humans having children

Lifelike machines could never give biological birth to an offspring. But Santos has an idea that could make this reality.

Namely, he imagines having children with a machine through creating a machine child that would have the personal traits of both parents. By merging the characteristics of both the human and the machine, Santos could create an offspring with an artificial intelligence brain and a 3D-printed body.

This is where Silicon Samantha plays a big role. Namely, Santos has already started to work on creating an offspring with his newest creation. The sex doll has an American accent and can imitate feelings thanks the numerous sensors that receive the information and algorithm that interprets them.

‘Using the brain I have already created, I would program it with a genome so he or she could have moral values, plus concepts of beauty, justice and the values that humans have,’ Santos said for The Sun.

For Santos, the process would be very simple. All he would need to do is to create an algorithm based on the traits of both the human and the machine and then 3D print the body.

Santos has said that his creation Samantha has improved his own relationship with his wife, who also works with him in his laboratory.

Sex dolls created by Santos and his team are being sold for around $3,500 and they’re being distributed almost everywhere around the world.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk