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Hunza People Never Get Sick, Don’t Get Cancer And Live Up To 120 Years


There are people who live up to 120 years. Moreover, they never get sick. How’s that possible? Surprised? I am too.

Have you ever heard of Hunza people? What’s their secret elixir for eternal youth, great health, and long-life span? Let’s find out together.

Breathing the clean and fresh mountainous air in Northern Pakistan, the Burusho (Hunza people) seem to enjoy the real beauty of everyday life. Known as the descendants of Alexander the Great, this young-spirited, cheerful and happy tribe is the center of attention for many anthropologists.

Everybody wants to discover the greatest secret of these mysterious people: how to live a long, fulfilled life. And I was curious too.

My intense curiosity led me to some amazing facts about Hunza people and their way of life:

1. Some Hunza people live up to 150 years.

2. Their women give birth naturally at the age of 65.

3. Hunza people feed their body and soul. They eat fresh healthy food: fruits, vegetables, grains. They raise sheep, chickens, goats and use their products. Hunza people eat 2 meals per day. Also, they fast.

4. They have no idea what’s cancer. Their immune system is very strong because they eat a lot of apricots which contain Vitamin B17. According to experts, this vitamin protects people from cancer.

5. They’re physically active, -even the elderly. Hunza people are strong and vital because they are all involved in a physical activity.

6. They are educated and hard workers. They work on their fields and enjoy the beauty of nature.

7. Hunza people use glacial water for drinking and bathing. This is the main reason why their body is young and their skin soft, shining and beautiful.

8. They are welcoming and always smile. Even though there are different religions there, they respect each other, as well as themselves.

9. They don’t know about stress.

10. They live a simple life.

 To sum up: This is what you need to do to be young, healthy and happy.

Take care of yourself. Educate your mind, educate your soul. Feed yourself with healthy food. Eat apricots. Be active. Connect with yourself and people. Stay in touch with nature and use what it gives you unselfishly. Always smile. Love everything that breathes in this world.

Live a simple life far away from this toxic modern world.  Taste the beauty of the real one.

Start from today. From now. Switch your mobile off.

Their secret is revealed. A fiction or truth, a fact or myth, you decide.

All in all, it’s worth trying, don’t you think so?

Image: Kristian