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Husbands Stress Their Wives Twice As Much Than Their Children, Research Finds


A man once joked with his friends saying that he loves being a dad to his 2 children, but his wife has 3!

How many women feel like they have to parent their husband too?

The truth is, many women nowadays are not only mothers and wives, but also chauffeurs, teachers, chefs, maids, nurses, decorators, coordinators, event-planners, problem-solvers, and so on.

On top of all that, they are working ladies and have professions and work-life outside of their marriages and their work around the house.

Unfortunately for many wives, their husbands, instead of being their source of support and help, are causing them more stress than their children.

A survey carried out by ‘Today’ of more than 7,000 moms discovered that an average mom rates her stress level an 8.5 out of 10 with 46% of them saying that it’s their husband that causes them most stress than their kids.

Researchers also reported that moms are stressing most about not having time to do everything that needs to be done in the day. Moreover, 3 in 4 moms said they are the ones who do most of the parenting and housework.

Furthermore, 1 in 5 moms said that the major source of their stress is that they don’t get enough help from their husbands.

What’s more, another research from Padova University found that when husbands lose their wives their health decreases, as opposed to when women’s husbands pass away they become healthier and more stress-free.

Moms everywhere are expecting support and equal effort from their husbands to take care of their family. However, even when both partners work full-time, it goes without saying that women are those who are responsible for the additional work in their house.

On the other hand, every story has two sides. Sure it is easy to blame your partner for not being helpful and responsible at home, but it’s not that they don’t want to be the best husbands and fathers. Sometimes, their wives don’t allow them to do things around the house because they don’t trust them that they would do them right.

Women often have perfect visions for their children and their family, and it is easier for them to do things on their own than asking their partner to help them and make a mess in the kitchen for example.

You both should do your best to commit to each other every week. No work, no kids – no distractions. You should keep the spark alive because you are not just husband and wife, you are partners and you are both equally important persons responsible for your marriage.

By connecting and keeping the connection between you strong – would make your marriage more successful because you will be more able to endure all the challenges.

After all, a strong partnership means that you fight all your battles together!