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Hygge Decor: Your Guide To Finding Pleasure And Enjoying The Danish Coziness At Home

Hygge Decor

Creating your dream home is one of life’s most significant events that a person gets to experience. It’s the art of building a sanctuary, a secret shelter, your own nest, the perfect hygge-inspired environment. It’s a process that requires your utmost determination, your energy, and loads of directed attention. So, there is no other way to do it without incorporating even a tiny bit of that hygge element. 

So, to those of you who are new to this subject, hop on and let me take you on a trip around the hygge experience. Here’s everything you need to know about hygge décor:

What Is Hygge Home Decor?

Now that we’ve learned what hygge means let’s dig deep inside the aspects of hygge. First on the list is hygge décor.  (1)

Hygge décor is perhaps one of the most popular interior design styles nowadays. It’s on your Instagram search, saved on your Pinterest boards, on the cover of magazines, on the shelves of Ikea, but most importantly, it’s in most people’s homes. The reality is that hygge décor is a major thing right now. People are in love with the soft, beige color palette, and they are here for the hype. 

What Is Hygge Décor Really?

Aside from the beige perfection and the charming coziness, hygge décor has deeper roots. While it feels nice to pimp your home and make it look like a magazine cover, the hygge vibe can only be present, only  if your soul is present too. Your home and your personal space should not only reflect your taste; it should also reflect your soul. People coming to your home should feel that they want to live here. And that can be felt only if the hygge vibe is real.

What Are Hygge Colors? 

Hygge colors are how hygge comes to life. And since the hygge concept revolves around simplifying your life and making your home your safe sanctuary, the hygge color spectrum is one of the first, most important factors you must consider when incorporating Danish coziness into your life. (2)

It’s simple. Just imagine all the colors of nature. White as clouds and the untouched January snow, brown as the roots of the trees, gray as the pebbles in the ocean, beige as the early autumn leaves, velvet blue as the sky above us, soft green as that dreamy meadow in the woods, warm pastels as the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen and black as the night sky.

These are the colors that make hygge come to life. Incorporating these hues into your everyday life is the first step to creating that dreamlike hyggelig space. Balancing their intensity with the right amount of light is the second most crucial step. 

Warmer white tones go well with the hygge vibe, and they are the first choice for Scandi homeowners. Classic warm neutrals like sandy beige, soft white, and light gray are not only popular due to the minimal light Scandinavian northern regions face. These colors are endlessly versatile, making them perfect for peaceful environments such as your living room, your hygge nook, or a bedroom, even more so when they’re illuminated by natural light, such as candles or a fireplace.

How Do I Make A Room Hygge?

Very simple. If you’ve been paying close attention to what I’ve said so far, you would know that the art of hygge is all about the details. The environment you create is supposed to reflect your inner peace and radiate calm and warmth to everyone that enters it. To get the full effect, you must include pleasant, hyggelig lighting, earthy materials, pastel tones, delicious food, warm drinks, the presence of your loved ones, and of course, candles.

What Does Hygge Look Like?

Imagine a cold winter day. Snow is falling outside, creating a soft, white cover on the streets, magically illuminating the city. You are home, wearing your favorite sweater while savoring the special moment and enjoying the view from your bedroom window. All the while, cookies are baking in the oven, giving off a delicious aroma of cinnamon.

Your entire home smells amazing. The lights are low, the candles are lit, and you pour yourself and your loved one a cup of tea. As you glance around the room, your heart fills with the utmost warmth, and you feel genuine happiness and gratitude for your life because you know that everything around you is a product of your love. 

That, my friends, is what hygge looks and feels.

How Do You Make A Hygge Kitchen?

If you are a huge hygge practitioner, you must know how important it is to have a hygge kitchen. Hands down, a lovely hyggelyg kitchen corner is where coziness comes to life. Think of it as the very heart, the soul of your home. It’s the place where you spoil your senses, allow yourself to experiment, and genuinely enjoy. It’s where you cook, bake, eat, drink, and feed your body and soul. It is your very own pharmacy, your very own temple. So you have to treat it like one. 

Trends may come and go, but the cozy hygge decor is forever.

A hygge kitchen is sunny and bright. The best way to fill it with light is by including a window in that room. Possibly with a nice, big chair underneath it, where you can rest and enjoy your afternoon coffee. Think of it as your personal bar, your cozy, little corner dedicated for you and you only. Lovely, huh?

A hygge kitchen is both pretty and functional. Every little corner of it is used wisely. Open shelves and jars of nuts, seeds, and spices. Fresh herbs in pots hanging from above the counter. Cookbooks, nice kitchen towels, rugs, tiny wooden stools, and vintage furniture pieces of furniture… Should I go on? All of these elements add up to the hyggelyg vibe. They may not be necessary, but they sure make a difference.

Last but not least, a hygge kitchen is made of earthy and pastel tones, alongside natural elements such as wooden tables, cotton towels, brick walls, clay pots, and many plants.

How Do You Hygge A Bathroom?

Hygge can also become a part of the most intimate spaces in your home, including your bathroom and your shower. As you probably know, the Danish concept of hygge means learning to enjoy the little things in life by creating a lovely, warm atmosphere in every corner of your home. So, why not bring that same atmosphere inside your bathroom?

What is the point of wasting loads of money on spa appointments and expensive treatments when you can just as easily create that lovely setting in the privacy of your bathroom?

From shower doors, door handles, toilet cabinets, air fresheners to lighting choices, here are some of the essential elements that will make your bathroom a genuine hyggelig space:

  • Clutter-free bathroom is the basis of a hygge-inspired bathroom. If you are ready to transform your bathroom into your private sanctuary, you will have to get your hands dirty. And that means only one thing – deep cleaning. Start by scrubbing the whole place, washing your towels, throwing away all used products, and replacing cleaning products with natural ones.
  • Mood lighting equals to tranquil ambiance. In other words, scented candles are your best friends. Place them in every corner of your bathroom and light them up before every bath—no need to thank me.
  • Textures are everything. Feel free to add a little life to the bathroom by mixing different textures. From designed towels, boho carpets, and pastel tiles to interesting, unusual details in the bathroom. Allow yourself to experiment until you find what soothes you best. That’s what hygge is all about.
  • Smell plays the most significant role. This one goes without saying. And I am not talking only about air freshers or nice-smelling shampoos. I am talking about scented candles, bath bombs, essential oils, and handmade soaps. Aromatherapy holds great potential for creating the perfect hyggelyg atmosphere. Jasmine, chamomile, lavender, and rose are just a few relaxing scents that will have a remarkable therapeutic effect on your soul.

*Less means more*

How Do You Make A Hygge Nook?

Transforming your entire home into a hyggelig space is nice, but putting together a lovely, cozy room for yourself is essential if you consider yourself a hygge convert. It’s the only way you’ll get the experience of the ultimate hygge coziness. Here are some hygge décor ideas:

Firstly, you’ll need to designate a space in your home that will serve the purpose. This can be a small corner in the kitchen, the window sitting area in your bedroom, or even the balcony. The second thing you need is a large, comfortable rocking chair, an entire loveseat covered with soft pillows, or an ottoman under the window.

You will also need a small coffee table on the side (big enough to put your books, candles, and your favorite cup on it), a nice lamp with soft light to illuminate your nook, some twinkling lights, and a soft, woolen blanket when winter nights get a bit chillier. If you have more space, you can add a few shelves and create a library. And if you are not a big book lover, you can use your shelves to make a small plant nursery. Whatever you choose to do, feel free to modify the space as your soul wishes.

And there you have it. That’s how you make your very own hygge nook.