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I Am A Modern Woman, But I’ll Always Cherish These Old-Fashioned Dating Habits


I am a hardcore feminist. I am an independent and modern woman that knows how to take care of and stand up for herself. But, when it comes to love and dating, I must admit that I still like those old-fashioned dating habits.

I don’t settle for mediocre love. Instead, I want to experience love in its most genuine form. I want to experience the kind of love poets write poems about.

I love men who are not afraid to openly express their emotions. Men who are not scared to love with every fiber of their being and from the bottom of their hearts.

Yes, I get it. We live in a modern-dating society of the 21st century in which most people think that chivalry is dead. But, I don’t share that opinion. I don’t think that chivalry is dead. Instead, I think that there’s actually a great number of both women and men out there who still cherish and hold onto real values.

Here are 8 old-fashioned dating traditions which I will always cherish:

1. Asking for my permission for things.

It’s not like I expect my boyfriend to always ask me if he could hug me or kiss me. But, when you go out on a date with a guy for the first time and he doesn’t ask before kissing you, this might make you feel uncomfortable or even weird, especially if you happen to be a shy person.

P.S. I believe that many ladies out there will agree that when a guy asks for your permission to kiss you on a first date, this makes him incredibly sexy.

2. Holding a door opened for me.

Yes, it appears like a small and seemingly unimportant gesture, but it’s actually one that means a lot to me, and I’m sure, to every lady out there as well. I completely melt when a man takes his time to open a door for me. This gesture shows me that he’s a real caring gentleman.

3. Dressing nicely for dates.

It takes me a lot of time to get ready for dates. I always make sure I look tidy and elegant. That’s why I respect guys that take care of their style. I respect guys that put a great deal of effort into their appearance and care about the way they look around me. When a guy always dresses nicely for a date, this shows me that he is thoughtful and that he cares about what I think.

4. Being picked up for a date.

Don’t doubt that I am capable of driving or walking to the place where I am supposed to meet my date, but there is something really thoughtful and irresistible in being picked up for a date. This move is a sign of respect and care.

5. Being clearly asked out on a date.

In the era of Tinder and all other dating sites, being openly asked out on a date has become pretty hard. I am the kind of person that appreciates open communication and I want to know what the other person wants and expects from me. That’s why I always prefer a straightforward approach. No mixed messages or emotions, just the truth.

6. Being showered with attention.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when phones and social media attract most of our attention. But, the truth is that when someone is truly interested in you, they won’t allow their mobile phone, tablet, or profile on social media to prevent them from showering you with attention, especially if you’re on a first date.

7. Being surprised with a cute card or flowers.

There’s something powerful and irresistible when a guy brings you a cute love card or a bouquet of roses on a first date. It’s a small gesture, yet one that can make your heart go crazy.

8. Not assuming that there’ll be sex on a first date.

… or on the second or third date. When it comes to such assumptions, there’s only one thing I can say – I hate them. As a matter of fact, I believe that any smart and self-respecting woman does.