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I Am Not Afraid Of Being Alone – It’s Modern Dating That Freaks Me Out


I’ve been through a decent amount of drama in my life. I’ve been stuck in relationships that were bad for me, I’ve been friends with people who disappointed me. I’ve loved people who took me for granted. 

I’ve been foolish. But, I’ve learned my lessons. I’ve been through a lot of shitty relationships to finally accept the fact that ending up alone is not what scares me the most. In fact, when I think about it, staying alone until I meet the right person is not a bad idea at all.


It’s the modern dating that terrifies me. It’s the lack of traditional values that scares me. It’s the general apathy in people that drives me mad and makes me want to curl up under my covers and never leave my house again.

1. I’m Not Afraid Of Eating Alone – I Am Afraid Of Wasting My Time On The Wrong People

I don’t fear going to lunches on my own. I’m not embarrassed to sit at café and enjoy a nice brunch on my own. I don’t care how people look at me, or what they think of me.

I just know that I cherish myself enough to not waste my time on people who are all wrong for me. I may have done it in the past, but, I’ve learned my lessons. Self-love is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Remember that.

2. I’m Not Afraid Of Making Love – I Am Afraid Of Casual Sex

I don’t want to end up with someone who only calls me when he’s horny. I mean it. I don’t want to be with someone who only loves me for my body. Someone who only calls me when he’s drunk. Someone who only sees me as his sex puppet.

I want to be desired. Genuinely, passionately, deeply, madly loved.

3. I’m Not Afraid Of Falling Asleep Alone – I’m Afraid Of Sleeping With The Wrong Guy

It’s really not a big deal if I’m going to bed alone. After everything I’ve been through, it’s a new, refreshing experience, really. It’s a part of my life and I’m totally okay with it.

The thing I would never accept though, it’s waking up the wrong guy beside me. I’d rather stay alone, than settle for just about anyone.


4. I’m Not Afraid Of Being Who I Am – I Am Afraid Of Ending Up With Someone Who Wants To Change Me

I don’t want to be with someone who has a problem with my personality. I need a person who won’t try to change me. Someone who will make me feel comfortable to be my genuine self. Someone who will love me for who I am. Someone who will accept me. Flaws and all.

5. I’m Not Afraid Being Reserved– I Am Afraid Of Giving My Heart To People Who Won’t Take Care Of It

It’s a goddamn minefield out there. If you don’t watch your steps and if you don’t calculate your moves wisely, you are getting blown up for sure.

So, to hell with this world. I won’t get my heart shattered again. I won’t let anyone hurt me anymore. I’d rather pretend to be emotionless than give my heart to someone who won’t bother to take care of it.

6. I’m Not Afraid Of Not Having A Plus One – I’m Afraid Having To Explain To Others Why It Didn’t Work Out

Or more like annoyed. Yes, I am sick and tired of explaining to people why my last relationship didn’t work out. So, I would rather be alone, than go through that again.

7. I’m Not Afraid Of Having No One To Call – I Am Afraid Of Having To Wait For Someone To Call Me

I cannot be with a person who won’t bother to call me or ask me how my day was. I simply cannot allow myself to settle for that kind of relationship. In fact, I hate the word settling. Love shouldn’t be about settling. It should be about moving your boundaries and going out of your way to make things work with the person you love.

So, no, I am not afraid of having no one to call – I’m afraid of being with a person who won’t bother to call me.

8. I’m Not Afraid Of Staying Alone – I Am Afraid Of Ending Up With The Wrong Man

I will admit. There was a time when the thought of being alone scared me to death. But, those times have passed. I am a grown woman now.


And I am genuinely happy on my own. I’m no longer afraid of staying alone. It’s the possibility of ending up with the wrong man that freaks me out.