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I Hope You Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve Just Because Time Is Pressuring You


I truly hope you find the right path in life. The one that will lead you to your happiness. The one that will help you learn the most valuable lessons in life. Most importantly, the one that will face you with many challenges and help you grow in your own time and at your own pace.

I hope you never make the mistake of accepting less than you deserve. I hope you never settle for half-assed love. Because you deserve the whole world. You deserve to reach your goals and fulfill your wildest dreams. You deserve to feel love in its purest form. You deserve to be loved unconditionally. You deserve to find your happiness and create a life that is worth living.

I hope you never let others tell you what you need in your life. I hope you never take a wrong leap of faith and jump only because you are afraid of ending up alone. I hope you never give your precious, little heart to someone who doesn’t deserve your love.  I hope you never fall for someone who takes you for granted. Because life is short. We have today, but we are not sure if tomorrow will ever come for all of us.

I hope you never feel like you have to hurry and make those big, life-changing decisions in life just because time is ticking away. I hope you never let society pressure you into doing something you don’t really like. Because your life is about your choices, your wishes, and your dreams, no matter how different they make you from the rest of the world.

I hope you never have to rush your life because of time. I hope you never let anyone convince you that you are a lost cause because you are not. I hope you never miss out on every moment in life because each and every second of your existence is golden. And I hope you realize that you need to stop running around in circles and just take your time to enjoy life as it is. Imperfect, difficult, sometimes strange, but incredible. I truly hope you learn how to give yourself a break because we all need it.

People say do what makes you happy. And I agree, it is the biggest cliché there is. But it is also the most important thing you’ll ever get to do in your life. And remember, you only get one life.

In the end, it all comes down to you and your happiness. Whatever that word means to you. At the end of the day, when the party is over, the atmosphere softens and you are all alone by yourself, happiness is all that really matters.

So, seize those rare, incredible moments. Find what makes you should flourish, your eyes glisten and make your life extraordinary. It shouldn’t be something others would approve of; it should be something that makes you the happiest. There are no rules in this game. You make them yourself. Your choices shape up your journey.

So, don’t let it be ordinary. Don’t let others tell you what’s good for you and what isn’t.

Don’t say yes when you feel like saying no. Don’t settle for a life in black and white when you dream in colors that some people cannot even see. Don’t satisfy yourself with the crumbles when you desire the whole loaf. Don’t settle for less than you deserve just because time is pressuring you.

Live life at your own pace. What’s yours will find you.

I Hope You Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve Just Because Time Is Pressuring You