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I Know My Worth And Won’t Settle For Less Than I Deserve


I have survived many crappy relationships. However, each thorny path leads us to where we need to be, and we’re never lost. Every guy I dated taught me something new. I’m grateful for that.

Life is the best teacher, people say. It is for sure. I learned from my mistakes. Now, I’m stronger than ever. Now, I know I deserve better and won’t settle for anything less.

1. I know what I want.

I want a kind soul. I want someone who’ll dance with me in the rain. I want to feel safe. For once in my life, I want to be a priority to someone. I want to love and be loved. I strongly believe in ‘forever together’. I’m not afraid of loneliness and will stay single until I find what I truly deserve and want.

2. I won’t give my heart away so quickly.

In the past, my ex-partners had my heart on a silver plate. What did they do? They played with it and broke it in so many tiny pieces that I found myself unable to put them together. My heart is not a toy. My heart is soft and fragile, but I’m strong. Now, I’ll be careful to whom I’ll give my love.

3. I won’t waste my time on half-hearted things.

Time is precious, and I would rather spend it with myself. Why should I waste it on someone who has no idea what love is? If someone wants to be with me, he needs to show me why I should give him a chance. Love is not a game. I need to know whether he is serious about me.

4. I have a right to choose with whom I want to be.

Yes, I have a total right to be picky and stay true to myself. I don’t care what other people think about my relationship status because I know what I need and what makes me happy. Why should I lower my standards? 

5. I will wait for true love.

True love is always worth the wait. I’ve learned how to be patient. I won’t rush things. I won’t waste my time with someone who doesn’t deserve my love. I’ll enjoy my life and leave all the things in God’s hands. The right one will show up when it’s time.

6. I won’t settle for anything less but true love.

Wild. Passionate. Magical. Eternal. Can’t -live without-it love. I won’t settle for anything less than this. I know what I have to offer and will expect exactly the same thing. Nothing less. Nothing more.

7. I deserve that.

I deserve to be respected. I deserve to be loved. I deserve to feel like a real woman. I know my worth. I deserve to be with someone who deserves my love.