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I Truly Believe That Everything Which Happens In Life Happens For A Reason


If you’re anything like me, you find comfort in planning your life out. You do this maybe because you don’t like surprises or maybe because it gives you the confidence to go for what you want to achieve in life.

But, the truth is that life doesn’t always go according to plan and regardless of how bad you want to have control over your life, you can’t control every aspect of your life.

Life can throw your way temptations, problems, and pains when you expect it the least. Some goals that you’ve tried hard to achieve for years can start to appear meaningless or boring.  People you’ve loved and held dear all your life can break your heart and walk away from you nonchalantly. 

I wish I, or anyone else, was able to understand the way life works and why bad things happen to us, but that’s simply impossible. Life is unpredictable. It’s uncontrollable. It’s full of uncertainties.

However, when it comes to the way life works, there’s one thing which is pretty clear and certain, and that’s that everything which happens in our lives happens for a reason. The problems we face, the pains we endure, and the people we meet are all a part of our lives in order to transform us into who we’re supposed to be.

We lose loved ones in order for us to realize that we need to appreciate the people who matter the most to us while they’re still around us.

 Everything Happens For A Reason

We struggle with health conditions in order for us to realize that every day in our lives is a precious gift that we need to cherish.

Things go wrong so that we can appreciate them when they are right.

We believe lies so that we eventually learn that the only person we can trust is ourselves.

People walk into our lives to change us or because we’re the ones who have to change them. 

We face all kinds of problems and pains so that we can learn how to rise from the difficulty and move on.

Life throws our way challenges, temptations, and obstacles so that we can become more experienced, wiser, and stronger.

Yes, everything in life happens for a reason.

I know it might be difficult for you to understand or believe in this concept, but that’s the truth. We cannot control the way our lives work. We can’t fill every blank page of the book called life with our own stories. We can’t know what tomorrow might bring.

So, instead of wondering why bad things happen to us when  we least expect it or what our future has in store for us, let’s just be grateful for what we already have in life.

Let’s be happy with the way things are going in our lives. Let’s appreciate the people who truly love and care about us. Let’s learn from our mistakes and turn all our problems and pains into valuable lessons about life.

Let’s believe that life is leading us into the right direction. And when you come across some obstacles, face them bravely and gracefully, and keep moving forward.

I Truly Believe That Everything Which Happens In Life Happens For A Reason