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I Won’t Settle Until I Find A Guy Who Gives A Damn About Me

Undoubtedly, finding genuine love isn’t easy at all these days. Yet, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Some spend a lifetime searching for their true love. Searching for the one who will honestly love and respect them. The one who will treat them with compassion and dignity.

Life has taught me it’s better to wait for the real love and be single for some time than settle for crappy dates. Dates that bring out the worst side of you and make you feel horrible about yourself.

It’s better to guard your heart for some time and give it to the one who deserves it than to give it to someone who will break it and leave you to pick up the pieces on your own.

And that’s exactly what I want. I want a guy who will prove that he deserves my love and attention. Because when I love, I love hard. I fully and unselfishly devote myself to my guy and the relationship.

I want a guy who gives a damn about me.

I want a guy who will keep his promises. A guy who doesn’t just say we’re going to spend the weekend together, but he really makes that happen and ensures that we have the best time together.

I want a guy who will care about me. A guy who will make me feel that I’m the most loved and respected person in the world. A guy who will be there for me when times get rough. A guy who will be more than willing to help me overcome my insecurities, fears, and problems. A guy who won’t forget to ask me how my day went.

I want a guy who will carefully listen to me. A guy who won’t be just physically present when I’m talking to him, but he will attentively listen to me. A guy who will show respect and understanding for my opinions and ideas. Yet, I don’t want a guy who will agree with everything I tell him. He won’t be afraid to state his opinion if it’s different from or contrary to mine. But, he’ll never criticize or make me feel unworthy.

I want a guy who will make me his priority. A guy who won’t neglect my feelings and needs even when he has a bad day.  A guy who will make time for me in his busy schedule. A guy who won’t ignore me when we’re out talking and having fun with our friends. A guy whose attention I’ll never have to beg for.

I want a guy who will be honest with me. A guy who won’t lie to and cheat on me. A guy who isn’t going to keep one eye open looking for other opportunities  while he’s kissing me. A guy who will never do things behind my back which could hurt me. A guy who will always tell me the truth, no matter how harsh or painful it may be.

I want a guy who will love me as I deserve. A guy who is going to be sure about his feelings for me. A guy who will give me the same amount of love I so unselfishly give. A guy who will accept me for who I am – with all my insecurities, faults, and quirks, without trying to change me. A guy who is going to be sure that I’m worth settling down with.

I want a guy who will support and encourage me.  A guy who is going to be my biggest fan. A guy who will believe in my abilities and mental strength. A guy who will encourage me to pursue my highest goals, passions, and wildest dreams.

I want a guy who will motivate me to break my bad habits, learn, and grow personally and professionally. A guy whose actions will inspire me to become a better version of myself.

I want a guy who will be willing to make things work when they don’t. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but this guy isn’t going to sweep problems under the carpet. Instead, he’ll be more than willing to sort things out and protect our relationship from anything and anyone.

I want a guy who will respect my boundaries. A guy who will understand that I need and deserve to have some personal space and me time. A time when I think things through, reconsider my decisions, make plans, experience new things, do my favorite activities, or simply do nothing and relax.

I want a guy who won’t expect me to constantly inform him about my whereabouts and who I’m spending my time with. A guy who will have an absolute trust in me.

I want a guy who will be proud of me. A guy who will enjoy talking about me and my successes in front of his friends. A guy who won’t be intimidated by my accomplishments, but he will motivate me to achieve more personal and professional success.

A guy who won’t hesitate to show the whole world how grateful he is for having me in his life.

Riley Cooper is a professional writer who writes informative and creative articles on topics related to various fields of study. Written with love and enthusiasm, her articles inspire readers to broaden their knowledge of the world, think and get ready to act.