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I Wouldn’t Have To Overthink Guys’ Behavior If They Behaved Like Normal Human Beings


Are you having difficulties understanding guys’ behavior and real intentions? If the answer is yes, know that that’s because some guys (luckily, not all of them), behave in a confusing and inconsistent way.

I’m overanalyzing guys’ behavior not because I don’t know how to enjoy a relationship or I feel insecure about the guy I like but because I want to know where I stand in their life and whether they’re really interested in me or not. Knowing what the real intentions are behind their behavior enables me to protect myself from getting hurt and heartbroken.

Maybe I’ve fallen into the habit of doing this too often and too much but not knowing what’s really going on in guys’ mind is quite exasperating and tiring.

I wouldn’t have to overanalyze what guys think and do if they didn’t show the following 8 behaviors:

1. They don’t express their feelings openly.

I wouldn’t have to rack my brains trying to figure out how guys feel about me if they showed their emotions boldly. No matter how hard I try, I’m still unable to understand why a guy sends me mixed signals if he really likes me. Similarly, if he’s not interested in me, why doesn’t he simply show or tell that right into my face? Why do they make it so complicated?

2. Ghosting is unacceptable.

Ghosting is a modern trend that I’ll never understand. But it seems that some guys really like it. I don’t know why a guy would think that I’m the one who is supposed to read his mind and realize right away that he’s not into me. I always prefer to know for sure whether a guy, who I like a lot, is ghosting me because he isn’t really into me or he just wants to check my reaction to it. Moreover, ghosting is a very immature way of ditching someone.

3. It takes them a lot of time to respond.

With all the modern technologies and social media, why wouldn’t a guy respond to my calls or messages in a short period of time? When a guy doesn’t call me for 2 days I always tend to think (or maybe I’m just trying to make excuses to pardon him for his crappy behavior), that maybe he’s having a busy week or he’s going through serious problems. I can’t stop wondering why he doesn’t save me from the trouble of creating countless scenarios in my mind about what he is doing by simply calling me or even sending me a break-up text, which is always a better thing to do.

4. Chivalry has taken on a different meaning.

I don’t expect guys to demonstrate acts of chivalry like in the medieval period. But it seems that things that were once connected to romance and kindness have become outdated now. Okay, I see. If a guy is really into me, he’ll add me on Facebook first, right? But what will happen next? Should I take his like on my new pic as a sign that he’ll soon write to me or invite me on a date?

5. They don’t know how to date the right way.

Yeah, I’ve often been baffled by some guys’ behavior when they try to date me. Imagine the following situation: I go on a first date with a guy and he behaves like a real gentleman towards me and assures me he’s not like the other guys.  Then without any shame, he openly tells me he wants to have sex with me. Well, I must overanalyze this so as to protect my feelings and show him that I’m neither naïve nor amenable.

6. Giving me late night calls is absurd.

Hell yeah! Maybe I’m not that modern as far as dating is concerned, but I still can’t understand why some guys do that. Calling me at 2 a.m. when I’m sound asleep is just not normal to me. I can’t figure out why he just wouldn’t call me at a decent time or the following morning if he really wants to hear my voice. Or if he’s just trying to hook up with me without having any serious intentions, I’d highly appreciate if he tells me that in advance. In this way, I wouldn’t have to rack my brains wondering why he is calling me in those early hours.

7. It is difficult to tell whether a guy really likes me or he just wants to have sex with me.

I’ve been so many times tricked into believing that a guy truly liked me and deserved my attention when in fact all that he’s ever wanted was to get laid. It’s not a secret that guys are good at pretending to be charming, kind, and irresistible to get what they want. Nevertheless, my past experience has made me always overanalyze guys’ intentions. I’m not going to allow to be manipulated again.

8. They enjoy playing little mind games.

Their little and devious mind games often make me really confused. For example, I feel that a guy is into me but then I catch him flirting with another woman. Should I assume that he’s doing that because he really wants to have something with her or he just wants to test the water to see if I’m going to be jealous? What do you think?