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I’d Rather Be With A Clingy Guy Than A Distant One


If you had to choose, would you prefer being with a clingy or distant guy? Well, if you’re asking me, life is about balance.  However, if I must choose between these two, I’d rather be with a clingy guy. Here is why:

1. He knows what he wants.

And wouldn’t hesitate to tell me. He will talk about his expectations and what he wants from the relationship. If he wants to be with me, he will let me know that he tends to build a healthy, stable relationship, even though I may want a casual one.

2. He lets my guard down.

Since I’m opposite of clingy, things are balanced. I like the way he tries to communicate with me when I would rather lock myself in my room. I like the way he is patient for me to come out of my shell. With him, I feel free and I can express all my emotions.

3. I’m always his top priority.

He cares about me. He protects me. He cancels his plans when I don’t feel well. He’s always here when I need him. I feel truly appreciated and loved because he is neither selfish nor afraid to put my needs before his.

4. He is emotionally available.

He is open about his thoughts and feelings. He is never afraid to tell me how much he loves me. Being with him, I don’t feel like dating a stranger. He isn’t mysterious about his life; he shares his secrets, fears, flaws with me. He trusts me.

5. He isn’t afraid of commitment.

While the distant guy runs when he hears about any commitment, the clingy guy wants to introduce his partner to their family and friends. He knows he is lucky to have me and isn’t afraid to make plans for the future with me.

6. He is faithful.

To this person, you’re the whole world. He is proud of you and wants to keep you close to him. Therefore, he wouldn’t risk losing your love for anything in this world! He’ll respect you and would never cheat.

7. With him, I’m never alone.

Yes, I sometimes want to spend more time with myself and I need my own space. However, I’ m really happy to see that he always wants to spend more time with me. It makes me feel special.

8. With him, I know exactly where I stand.

This guy doesn’t play hot’ n cold games. He doesn’t disappear and then appears out of nowhere pretending like nothing happened. He doesn’t waste his time on half-hearted things. He is either “yes” or “no”. With him, you’ll always know where you stand because he’s honest about his feelings towards you.