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I’d Rather Roll Solo Than Be With Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve Me


When you’ve been taken for granted by people who were supposed to cherish you the most, when you’ve been treated like an option and favorite pastime by people who were supposed to make you their priority, when you’ve given all of yourself to someone and they didn’t care about that, then you, too, will see life the way I do.

When you’ve been through all this, you’ll be able to understand that being single is not scary. It’s not a tragedy. It’s not the end of the world.

Yes, being single can be lonely and this is the reason why many people are terrified at the idea of being single. And I know, it’s better when you’re in a relationship. It’s better when you share both your happy and sad moments with someone.

It’s better when you get home and someone tells you they missed you all day long. It’s better to have all this than being single.

But what happens if the person you’re with always has “more important” things to do than spend time with you? What happens if your “significant other” doesn’t bother to get to know you and treats you like you’re a meaningless, worthless thing?

What happens when your “perfect match” is perfect at nothing else but making you feel weak and unworthy, and when instead of showering you with love and sweet words, they make you beg for their attention?

Well, when you get to know how all this feels, you’ll understand that being single actually feels good. You’ll realize that being single enables you to see your true worth and be the master of your own life.

You’ll realize that it’s not being single which is scary, but being with someone who doesn’t deserve you. And that’s what I fear the most.

I’m scared to give my heart to someone who won’t know what to do with it. I’m scared to devote my time and energy to someone who won’t even deserve a piece of my attention. I’m scared to fight for someone who won’t be afraid of losing me at all. But most importantly, I fear to love someone who will destroy me.

I don’t want to fall in love with someone who will put on a charming, kind, loving face every day so as to hide their true colors and make me believe they’re good and worthy of my trust.

I don’t want to fall in love with someone who will be a master at playing little, devious mind games with me and who will make me lose myself to them.

That’s why I’d rather roll solo than commit myself to someone who doesn’t deserve me.

Only when you choose to be single, only when you refuse to allow someone else to determine your worth, will you be able to feel good in your own skin.

A single life is for those who are still trying to find themselves. Those who still haven’t decided what they want to be in life and where they’re headed. And to be honest, I’m one of them.

I need more time. I need time to reflect on my feelings, thoughts, needs, desires, and dreams. I need time to figure out what I really want and need in life. I need time to explore the deepest parts of my soul and face my deepest insecurities and fears.

A single life is for those who need time to heal their wounds. For those who have had their hearts broken and their hopes shattered many times. For people like me.

And that’s why I choose to be single. I choose to heal my soul on my own. I choose to give myself enough time so as to learn how to love and dream again.

A single life is for those who are sick and tired of trusting and giving their heart to flaky, manipulative, selfish, dishonest people. And I’m done giving all of me to such people. I’m done searching for the goodness in others and hoping they’ll change. I’m done believing in miracles and fairytales.

Because you can’t make someone love you if the only person they love is themselves. You can’t make someone treat you with kindness and compassion if they have no heart.

A single life is for those who know their worth and what they deserve. For those who choose to wait for the person who’ll be able to recognize their value as well.

A single life is for people like me who would rather roll solo than settle for less than they deserve. I’d rather eat alone and sleep alone than with someone who makes me feel like I’m alone. Someone who makes me feel lonely and empty.

I’d rather spend time alone than with someone who doesn’t let me be myself. Someone who wants to mold me into something they need. Someone who wants me to forget about my feelings, needs, and desires and make their own my priority.

I’d rather roll solo than be with someone to whom I’ll be just an option. Someone who will be with me because they want to have some fun.

I’d rather spend my nights alone than with someone who doesn’t love me and make me feel warm on the inside.

I choose to be single not because I think of myself as special or the strongest person in the world, but because I know how I deserve to be treated.

I deserve to be cherished and respected. I deserve to be treated with the same amount of love and affection I treat others. We all deserve this.

We all deserve someone who will be willing to commit to us and the relationship. Someone who will show us that love doesn’t have to be hard and painful. Someone who will stick with us through thick and thin and who will fight for us with every fiber of their being.

We deserve to be with someone who will prove they’re worthy of our love and respect and I refuse to settle for anything less than that.

I’d Rather Roll Solo Than Be With Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve Me