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I’d Rather Stay Single Forever Than Play These 11 Stupid Relationship Games


Relationships are supposed to make you feel happy and fulfilled. They’re supposed to make your life more meaningful and exciting.

When you’re in a relationship with someone you truly love and care about, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You make sure your partner knows how much they mean to you and you never make them doubt your love. 

When you’re truly in love, you don’t take your partner for granted, but you make sure they feel happy, fulfilled, and loved. You treat each other with kindness, compassion, affection, respect, and dignity. You nurture your love and relationship. You fight with every fiber of your being to protect what you have.

When you truly love someone, you’re always honest with them. You don’t play little mind games with them.

Unfortunately, it seems like all the things mentioned above have changed in terms of modern dating.

We play some dumb relationships games all the time. We want the person we like to know that we’re interested in them, but not too interested. We want to commit, but we also fear that this will mean giving up our freedom. Everything is so confusing.

I may have put up with this kind of  bullsh*t in the past, but now, I’d much rather be alone than play the following 11 stupid dating games:

1. Keeping our relationship a secret.

Of course, I’m not going to shout from the rooftops that I’m dating someone, but I’m not going to act like we haven’t done anything more intimate than a handshake. I have no intention whatsoever of pretending like he and I are just casual acquaintances whenever I meet his friends or family.

It’s simple – when you truly love someone and your feelings are returned, there’s no reason why you should keep your relationship secret.

2. Faking disinterest.

In these modern times, it seems like it’s become normal to pretend like you couldn’t care less about the person you’re actually dying to be with. But this makes no sense. I mean what’s the point in pretending like you don’t want to spend time or talk with the person you’re pursuing?

Many people believe that this kind of behavior makes the other person become more interested in you, but, it doesn’t always work this way. Oftentimes, it can make the person you like or you’re already dating lose their interest in you.

3. Going back and forth on commitment.

Fickle guys really get on my nerves. I can’t understand why someone would say that they want to commit and be in a serious relationship and change their opinion after a while.

I’m done dating this kind of men. So, next time, a guy tells me he’d prefer to keep our relationship casual, I won’t wait even for a second to tell him that I’m out of this game and let him play with someone who can put up with his bullsh*t.

 4. Pretending to share the same interests.

We all want to have things in common with the person we’re dating. However, that doesn’t mean they should pretend they have the same interests as you do because they think this will impress you and make you like them more.

If my favorite band, celebrity, or type of food is not his favorite, that’s totally fine. But pretending that he likes the same things I do won’t certainly impress me – it’ll just have the opposite effect.

5. Trying to make me feel jealous.

If a guy really thinks that flirting with the attractive blonde sitting at the opposite table while we’re in a bar together will make me want to be with him more or, let alone, compete with her, well, he needs a reality check.

Trying to make someone jealous on purpose is a really sh*tty thing, so I’m not planning to fall for this stupid game.

6. Taking forever to reply to messages.

I believe we’re all guilty of this one. Thinking that if you don’t answer your boyfriend’s phone call right away or if you respond to his message an hour (or most probably a couple of hours) later, this will make him miss you more or that this is a great way to punish him for something he’s done is so childish, senseless, and annoying.

I really can’t stand these kinds of games. Therefore, I’m going to reply whenever I’m available and have the time to do that, and of course, if I notice that he’s leaving me to wait for his reply on purpose, I’ll make sure he knows I’m not the type of woman who plays these games.  

7. Dating me just to make an ex jealous.

This is something that no self-respecting person would ever allow to happen. Dating someone for the sole purpose of getting back at your ex is one of the rudest, ugliest, and most selfish things you can ever do to someone.

So, if I notice that a guy has these kinds of intentions with me, I’ll be quick to show him the door.

8. Faking love so as to get laid.

Do you know how many people are there out there who just want to hook up? Well, let me tell you – there’re thousands. It seems like one-night stands and casual relationships have become a normal thing nowadays.

So, then, why would someone lie about what they really want to a person who is looking for a serious, meaningful relationship? I mean, it’s simple, if all a guy wants to do is just jump in my bed, I’d really appreciate if he lets me know about it on the first date so that I don’t waste my time on him.

9. Refusing to text first.

I really don’t see any reason why someone would always have to be the one who would text first. I mean, initiating a conversation with the person you like doesn’t mean you’re desperate.

So, if a guy refuses to start at least half of the conversations we have and always waits for me to do that, well, this leaves me no other choice but to conclude that he’s not into me and that I just annoy him when I try to talk to him.

10. Playing the field.

If you’re interested in someone but also still not ready to settle down with one person, then you shouldn’t fill their head with ideas of true love, romantic stories, and fairy tales.

So, if I find out that all a guy who’s been swearing that he loves me wants to do is sleep around, I’m not going to stick around – that’s for sure.

11. Begging for me to get back together with him once I leave him.

I might have tolerated this kind of crappy behavior in the past, but I’m done with it. I’m sick of guys trying to convince me that they’ve changed and realized their mistakes. I’m sick of listening to guys promising me that they’ll treat me better.

I can give a man one chance to make things right, but if I notice that he doesn’t really bother to change his behavior and the way he treats me, I’ll be out of the relationship before he can even blink.

I’d Rather Stay Single Forever Than Play These 11 Stupid Relationship Games