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I’d Rather Stay Single Than Waste My Time With An A*shole

We are scared to walk through life single. Therefore, we often accept to share our life with shitty people. We tolerate their manipulations, tortures, lies, secret affairs; All for the sake of having a company. All for the sake of not being lonely.

Loneliness eats us alive.

However, being single isn’t nearly as bad as being in a crappy relationship with someone who doesn’t deserve your love. In fact, it’s good for you to know that sometimes, your own company is the best you can ever have.

It might not be a big deal for me, but single life is not for everyone. Nevertheless, everyone should experience a short or long period of time alone in order to find themselves, their dreams, goals, and master the art of the puzzle called life. Sometimes, you should choose single life.

I choose single life.

Life is too short to be wasted on tears. I choose lightness instead of darkness. I choose happiness instead of pain. I choose freedom instead of fears.

I choose to greet the morning and watch the sunset alone.

I choose single life because I loved too much.

And I got hurt. I lost my self-respect giving my best for the damned relationship to survive. I was humiliated. My effort wasn’t appreciated.

I choose to stay single because I need to heal the wounds of my broken heart and soul.

I choose single life because I’m strong.

I learned how to love and take care of myself. I learned how to fight my own battles. I don’t need a hero to protect me. I am my own hero, proud of my scars.

I choose to stay single because I want to learn from my past mistakes and grow. I choose single life because I am selfish, and I won’t let everyone touch my heart with dirty hands again. No more.

I choose to stay single rather than waste my time with an a*shole.

Why the hell I choose to stay single? Time is precious. My life is a gift.

I wasn’t born to tolerate someone’s crap! I wasn’t born for someone to break my heart and put the blame on me.

I wasn’t born to be a victim of someone’s false promises and lies. I wasn’t born to share my life with someone who has no idea what love is.

I wasn’t born to let a jerk destroy my self-confidence and self-worth.

I was born to live my life like a human being. I was born with a life mission to be fulfilled. I was born to give real love and be loved in a million ways. And I know my worth.

I was born to live the life the way I deserve. And I will be patient to get the love I deserve.

I will wait.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

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