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If One More Person Tells Me The Right Guy Will Appear, I’m Gonna Fly Off the Handle


When we’re single, people often tell us: “Don’t lose hope, the right guy will show up.” Aren’t you tired of hearing that empty talk?

Well, I’m sick of it for sure. What’s annoying is that when you’re single, many people feel sorry for you because they think you’re lonely and desperate. Well, this is way far from the truth. They need to understand that you don’t need their comforting words because being single isn’t tragic at all and you handle it quite well.

They have to understand that I’m sick and tired of being constantly told that the right guy will just magically show up at my door.

Here’s why:

1. Nobody knows that for sure.

There isn’t a person who knows what will happen in the future. It’s unbelievable how many people think they have the right to tell me that I’ll soon meet the prince of my dreams. Well, this wouldn’t sound so irritating and pathetic if they were familiar with my situation and knew how I felt. And as this isn’t the case, they’re not helping me at all by telling me those meaningless and trite words.

2. Maybe it is my choice to be single.

Hell yeah! Maybe I enjoy being single. And although I sometimes feel lonely and wish I had someone with whom I could share both my happy and sad moments, I don’t allow my happiness and confidence to depend on and be influenced by my relationship status. I enjoy my own company now because I have all the time on this planet to think things through, explore my options, experience new things, do what I want to do, and enjoy life to the fullest.

3. Being in a relationship is not my priority.

Yeah, I know that most of my friends and people who are my age are already married and look at me, I’m still single, but not all people share the same priorities. Maybe I’m not ready to let someone in my life and give them my heart. Maybe I want to improve myself both personally and professionally, decide what I really want and need in life, and rediscover my true self. Perhaps I want to learn to love and respect myself more.

4. There is no person who is guaranteed love.

This most probably sounds super harsh and pessimistic, but no one can be one hundred percent sure they’ll experience true love. For example, I can choose someone to be my life partner although he might not be the best option for me and I can even find a better one. Similarly, I can decide to wait for the guy who matches my expectations and sill never find the one who is good enough for me. However, I’m aware that love can hit me at a time and place I don’t expect at all.

5.” Just be patient and the right guy will come along.”

What the hell? Does this mean that I need to wait for him for decades? No, I don’t think so! It’s really getting on my nerves when I’m told to wait patiently for the right man to show up. After so many crappy relationships, I know that even if he appears, I’ll have to be prepared for many things. For example, he may not look and behave the way I imagine him. Or maybe I’ll have to change my habits and behavior and make sacrifices.

6. Give me helpful and constructive ideas, not useless and ridiculous.

What good will it do me if you keep telling me the prince of my dreams will just magically show up at my door? The idea that I should just do nothing and only hope that he’ll find me sounds completely meaningless and absurd to me. Instead of selling me this bullsh*t that doesn’t help me at all, take some action and help me find the right guy. Introduce me to someone who matches me. Or come with me to some crowdy public places where I could have more chances to meet men that suit my character.

7. Even when these words are said with good intentions, they’re still empty and unhelpful.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate other people’s help but it’s really pointless when others try to assure me the right guy will come along just because they don’t have anything smart to say. They should try to see what it feels like to be in my shoes and understand how I really feel so that they could give me acceptable and effective advice. I really feel as if people don’t understand my situation and take me seriously.

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