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If One More Person Tells Me The Right Person Will Show Up, I’m Gonna Go Nuts


Being single, we often hear: “Don’t worry, the right person will show up in front of your door!” Oh really? If it only were that easy!

Moreover, it seems like everyone feels sorry for you and jumps to comfort your “loneliness”. I’m sick and tired of that! This is why:

1. Nobody knows what’s going to happen.

It’s easy to talk about something when you’re just an observer and aren’t involved in the situation! Well, I understand that people want to help and cheer me up. However, it’s not clear to me how can someone assure me that something will happen, when no one can predict the future? Or maybe they can.

2. Maybe dating is not my top priority.

Okay, I’ve heard 323 times that all my friends are getting married and I know people feel sorry for me still being single, but who cares anyway! Maybe I’m not ready for love. Maybe I’m not in a mood to share my life with anyone right now. Maybe I want a career. Maybe I’m going to travel the world alone to rediscover the real version of myself. My life – my rules.

3. Maybe I enjoy being single.

I am single, so what? Do I sound desperate? Hell no! If I’m single, it doesn’t mean I desperately need to find someone who will be the source of all my happiness, will cure all my wounds and make all my worries disappear! Of course, sometimes I feel lonely, but maybe being single is my choice, my decision. Maybe I simply like to be single right now. That’s it. People should ask and listen before they assume.

4. “Patience is the key. Wait and you’ll see.”

Wait? Should I wait for eternity, maybe? I really get pissed off when I hear that I need to be patient and wait for the right person to find me. He won’t just fall off the sky! It’s not that easy, not at all. Should I just waste my time sitting right here, dreaming, hoping, and waiting? What if I should look for that person? What if the right person is waiting for me to find him?

5. “I know how you feel, but don’t worry.”

In other words: “Oh, don’t be sad! Do you want me to buy you a toy?” Ugh. Shut up. I sometimes feel people don’t take me seriously. How the hell they know how I feel? Is it written on my forehead? They should start walking in my shoes to see how I really feel after surviving so many crappy relationships!

6. I know people have good intentions, but those words don’t help me.

Not at all, to be honest. They really wanna help me? Then, why don’t they put some effort in thinking clearly about my situation? Why don’t they take a real action instead of saying those crappy things? This may sound utterly harsh, but that’s the truth. I mean, they can introduce me to someone who is suited to me or go out with me to visit some crowded places. This would be much more helpful than just saying empty words.

7.  And what if I’m not looking for the right person at all? Maybe I’m working on myself trying to become that right person. And maybe, after this, everything will perfectly fall in its place, whatever life brings.