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If Two Lovers Are Meant To Spend Their Lives Together, Fate Will Find A Way To Connect Them


People often wonder about the course of their lives. They question their actions, they worry about their decisions, but the thing that they are most afraid of is destiny.

They know that they don’t have total control over everything, so they fear for their lives. Some of them are convinced that everything that has already happened to them and everything that it’s about to happen is predestined. That it’s all a part of some divine intervention.

And then there are some who refuse to believe that our lives are governed by destiny. According to these people, life is what you make it. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no fate, no destiny, no predestined path for each and every one of us. We are the only people that control our journey.

Well, I am with the first group. I believe that we are here for a reason. Yup, I said it. I believe in destiny and I believe that everything that has ever happened to us or is about to happen to us is for a certain reason. Excuse me, but I refuse to follow that notion that life is that random. It’s not.

Do you how I know this?

Because after so many struggles, after so many sleepless nights, after so many heartaches and so many tears cried on my pillow, we somehow found our way back into each other’s arms. Yes, both of us worked hard to get where we are today. But so did the universe. So did the stars in the sky. And so did destiny.

Everything we went through, every pain that we felt fighting for our love, every change, every struggle in our lives was for a reason. Every mistake we made, every road we took, every person we chose along the way brought us here. All of that helped us learn our lessons and become the people that we were always meant to be. And ultimately, it showed us our way back to one another.

Because our souls have always known each other. Our hearts have always been connected with one another. We’ve always been close to each other, no matter how far our bodies were. I feel that every time I look at you in the eyes and touch your skin. You’ve always been a part of me, and I’ve always been a part of you.

That is why I firmly believe that people who have always been destined to spend their lives together, will eventually end up together. If they are meant to spend their lives loving one another, nothing and no one could ever stand in their way. Neither pain could tear them apart, nor someone could do something to prevent them from finding each other.

The universe does conspire to bring you closer to the things that you love. Getting there requires your hard work and your desire as well, but fate is always here to help you out. Don’t ever forget that.

If Two Lovers Are Meant To Spend Their Lives Together, Fate Will Find A Way To Connect Them