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If You Can Openly Talk To Him About These 10 Things, Know He’s Your Forever Person


You’re in a relationship with this sweet, handsome guy and you’re madly and completely in love with him. You know there’s more between you than just passion and physical attraction. There’s a deep, meaningful connection. There’s mutual respect and trust.

When you’re around him, you feel complete and whole. You feel free and comfortable to be yourself. You feel safe and protected. By the way he treats you, you know he cares about you. And yet, it seems like you can’t shake off this one question lingering in your mind: Is he really The One?

Well, maybe this will take you by surprise but the things you talk about with him can determine whether or not you have committed to the right person. See attractions in Nashville Tennessee for couples here for more ideas on how you can enjoy your time together. It will help you decide if he’s your forever person. 

So, if you can openly talk to your partner about the following 10 things, know that he’s your forever person:

1. Your plans for future.

Just because you’re in a relationship with him, it doesn’t mean you’re both on the same page. Because you might be fantasizing about your wedding and kids and he might not even plan to move in with you.

So, until you openly talk about your plans for your future with him, you are never going to know whether or not you two are on the same page.

2. That you’re feeling upset.

Ask yourself how he reacts when you feel upset or sad, or when you try to talk about your problems, or complain about something he’s done. If he attentively listens to you and makes you feel free to vent your feelings and talk about whatever is bothering you, then know he’s the type of guy you deserve to be with.

However, if he often accuses you of being overly “emotional” or “dramatic” every time you cry or feel frustrated or angry, thereby causing you to avoid talking about your relationship problems, then know that he’s not the right person for you.

Because if he was, he’d be willing to discuss your relationship issues and find a way to solve them. And, undoubtedly, he’d never call you or make you feel like you’re overly “sensitive” or “crazy.”

3. All your embarrassing moments.

When you’re with someone who truly loves you and accepts you for who you are, you feel free and comfortable to talk about the moments when you did something that made you feel proud of yourself and the ones when you really embarrassed yourself.

After all, if you can’t tell your boyfriend about that time when you tripped and fell on stage in front of a hundred people, then whom can you tell? However, if you don’t feel comfortable talking about such moments in your life to your partner, then you might want to think whether you really want to be with this kind of guy.

4. Your ex-boyfriends.

Of course, you don’t have to talk about how romantic and great your last partner was in bed, but your present boyfriend should at least know the names of the guys you were in a relationship with in the past. They’re a part of your past, but they’ve helped shape the person you are today. So, it’s certainly worth mentioning them to your current partner.

5. That you’re feeling horny.

When you’re in the mood, there’s no reason why you should wait for him to initiate intercourse. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to talk to him about your wild erotic fantasies and the things you want him to do in bed.

6. How you like spending your money.

How much do both of you earn and manage to save every month? How many credits do you have on your bank statements? Does he have any unnecessary expenses? All these questions might appear unimportant and boring to some couples, but they’re essential, especially if you want to make your relationship last.

7. Your period.

Of course, you don’t have to share every detail about your period with him. But if you feel too embarrassed to keep your pads or tampons in his bathroom cabinets or if you always make sure he doesn’t see them because you feel very uncomfortable and embarrassed to talk about your menstrual period, then you should probably begin looking for a guy you’ll feel more comfortable around.

8. How you feel about his family and friends.

Do you get along well with all of them or is there someone that you truly can’t stand? Well, if some family member or a friend of his makes you feel uncomfortable or maybe they’ve even said something that hurt your feelings, I wouldn’t advise you to tell your partner what a witch that person is or ask from him to cut them out of his life completely.

But, you shouldn’t pretend that everything is fine and just keep ignoring the problem. Instead, you should tell your boyfriend all about it. If your guy truly loves and cares about you, then he deserves to know it.

9. Your religious beliefs.

No matter what your religious preference is, you should feel free and comfortable to talk about your religious beliefs, views, and practices. If you and/or your partner are very religious, then you should probably discuss what kind of wedding you’d like to have or how you’d like to raise your kids.

10. How you feel about him.

How much do you love him? Does he make you feel happy and emotionally fulfilled? What do and don’t you like about him? Is there some behavior of his you find pretty annoying? Do you want to move in with him?

Yes, these are all things you need to talk about to him. He might be the best boyfriend and most amazing lover, but he’s not a mind reader. So, unless you openly tell him how you feel about him, he’ll never know where he stands in your life.